My Vampire System
72 Inside the container
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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72 Inside the container

Seeing that the intermediate beast was patrolling around the storage room, Ian and Vorden had decided to go to a different part of the shelter. As Ian said it was most likely the Portal wasn't there in the first place.

Even though the portal was in a red zone, the portal on the other end still had to be placed in a safe place to make sure either beast from the other planet didn't enter it or destroy it. Of course, a party or a group could bring a portal with them to get back to their own world but these were very expensive.

Somone at Ian's level didn't have one of these devices because once they had been set up, they were unable to be taken back with them. It was a onetime use device.

"Any ideas of where the Portal might be?" Vorden asked.

"My guess is somewhere underground. It's safe from most of the beasts that way. Most likely they have a special building that looks like any other and a secret entrance."

"Wait so are you saying we just have to keep going into buildings?"

"Well we can rule out all the residential buildings, they wouldn't be able to build a large enough base under those, and any of the small buildings or dangerous areas you can rule out as well. There are only so many big buildings that would be large enough to store a big base under."

The two of them continued to look into building after building but there was no luck or no sign of a secret room. Eventually, they had entered what looked like a library. Although most of the books had been destroyed and several of the bookcases had fallen over as well.

That's when a loud grumbling sound had come from Vorden's belly.

"I guess we have been travelling for a while now, why don't we rest here for the night, it doesn't look like there any beasts here and we can build our own fortress," Ian said.

The two of them then went up to the second floor of the building. There were large holes and broken-down walls on the first floor which made it easy for beasts to attack them. Once they had reached the second floor, the two of them started to lift up a few of the bookshelves.

It seemed like Ian had the ability of super strength seeing how easily he moved the heavy bookshelves, but Vorden knew that wasn't true. The reason why Ian seemed like he had extra strength was actually from the beast armour he was wearing.

Certain beast armour once above the basic tier had special properties. If the user was able to activate these properties, they could increase the base strength of the user. Giving him more power, extra speed. Overall, it just improved you as a human being and almost made you seem to be a superhuman.

Vorden could see Ian was still struggling though, most likely due to his injuries but there was no way he himself could move the giant bookshelves so easily. So instead Vorden helped out in his own way by clearing a space and moving all the books and piles of rubbish away.

After an hour or so they were done. Ian had moved the bookshelves to create a small type of fortress around them.

"It's a nice home isn't it?" Ian said proudly of his work. "Well, what are you waiting for, come on let's go inside."

As Quinn walked inside Ian followed behind and as he did, he pulled one last bookshelf around them, sealing them up in a cube-like shape surrounded by bookshelves. The room they were in was now pitch black.

Ian then punched part of the bookshelves with his fist, creating a hole in all four directions letting in a little bit of light, but more importantly, it was used to let them peak through and see if any danger was coming towards them.

He then pulled out a little small stone from his pocket and placed It on the ground in the centre of the room. He tapped the stone once and a warm orange light started to shine from it. The light wasn't very strong but in the small dark room, it made a huge difference.

"Here take this," Ian said as he handed a small circle pill to Vorden.

"Is this a food supplement?" Vorden asked.

"Yeah, I'm guessing if you came here on accident you don't have any with you."

Vorden looked at the pill before shoving it down his throat and into the stomach. A food supplement was a pill that contained all the things a human needed to live. As long as a person took one pill of these a day, they no longer needed to eat.

Although it gave the human enough calories and vitamins, it did nothing in terms of water continent. You would still need to find your own water source. Luckily in the shelter, it seemed like the waterworks in nearly every building was working.

So it wasn't a problem for Ian and Vorden.

"You get some sleep and I'll keep watch, then will do a little switch later on," Ian said. "Sounds good?"



As he heard the sound of the door unlocking a grin appeared on his face that couldn't be contained.

"I love you system, I swear I'll never talk badly about you ever again," Quinn said as he stepped into the container.

But as he stepped in, his hopes of finding legendary beast equipment or stashes of beast crystals were soon lost. The room was simply filled with shelves of books, nothing else but books.

However, as soon as Quinn picked up one of the books closest to him his mind was quickly changed.

\u003c Earth ability book level 1 \u003e

\u003c Unable to learn would you like to convert into 10 exp? \u003e

It was a container room filled with ability and skill books. Although Quinn was unable to learn the ability, he immediately converted the book into exp points.

As soon as Quin decided to convert the book into exp, it started to vanish in his very hands as if it was disintegrating. A sensation was felt form inside and finally, the message had appeared.

\u003c 10 exp gained \u003e

\u003c 1150/1600 exp \u003e

After absorbing the first book Quinn started to pick up book after book. After going through the books Quinn found out that a level one skill book would give him 5 exp points while a level 1 ability book would give him 10 exp points.

If he had already absorbed that book again the system wouldn't even pop up with another message. It was a shame since most of the books inside the container were earth books that the military had the most control over.

Quinn got closer to the back of the container and found that the level of the books would increase. A level 2 ability book would gain him 100 exp points, while a level 2 skill book would gain him 50. This would be the case even if he had already absorbed the level 1 version of the ability book.

And finally, after absorbing multiple books another message had appeared.

\u003c1650/1600 exp points gained \u003e

\u003c You are now level 6 \u003e


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