My Vampire System
71 Storage room
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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71 Storage room

The storage building was a single level large floor, which resembled that of a hanger. The main purpose of the building at a shelter was to keep equipment such as mechs, airships and all sorts. They also used it as a temporary room to store things for travellers.

Quinn had left the other building and slowly started to make his way to the storage room, he had no clue when the sun would rise and needed a place to stay for the night. After fighting the group of Rattaclaw's he was feeling a bit tired.

Not only that but he was hoping that he might come across some treasures at the storage room. He just couldn't see the downside of trying to reach the building.

On his way he treaded carefully to make sure he didn't alert any more beasts in the area, as he walked through form building to building, he spotted a few Rattaclaw's feasting on something in the middle of the street. '

"Damn there everywhere, there just like Rat's back on earth." Quinn thought.

If there was a single Rat on its own then he might have chosen to confront it, but while there were three of them out on the street, he didn't want to risk it. The experience points gained from killing a beast was tempting but to fight three at once, meant there was a chance he would either have to use his blood spray or at least his blood swipe skill.

Quinn continued to head towards the storage building until finally, he had arrived. At the front, there were two large steel doors which slid open. Afraid that they might make a lot of noise and attract unwanted attention. He decided to walk around the building to see if there were any other openings or entrance.

After walking around the side of the building, he had no such luck but as he nearly reached the back of the building, he started to hear strange noises. He slowly crept down the side making sure to make no noise.

With his back hugging the side of the wall, he peeked out to take a look, it seemed like there was another Rattaclaw, only this one was squealing and on its back in pain.

Its cries were weak and he wondered just how long had the beast been there for. After waiting a few moments there was no sign of any other creatures.

He came out from the side of the wall and walked up to the injured Rattaclaw on its back. As he got closer to it, the Rattaclaw snarled at Quinn and tried to swipe its claws out, but the attacks were far to slow and the beast could hardly move.

"Still trying to kill me even in this state." Quinn thought. As he got closer the beast continued to swing it's arms out towards Quinn despite it not being able to move. Its leg's had been crushed by something and it had a large wound on its stomach.

"Let me put you out of your pain." He walked up to the beast and with a single blow to its head, it had died.

\u003c 100 exp points gained \u003e

\u003c 1140/1600 exp \u003e

As Quinn looked at the back of the building, he could see a small hole in one of the corners.

"Did the Rattaclaw come out from there?"

Before entering he gulped at the thought that perhaps whatever injured the Rat might be inside. Crawling on his front, he had reached the hole and tried to pop his head in. It was big enough for a human to fit through but what he was afraid of was inside the building. If he entered the building there might be a hundred of those things or something that was stronger than the Rattaclaw itself.

Quinn crawled forward to the entrance of the hole and started to look into the hanger. Although the hanger contained no light source and was completely void of light from the moon. His vision allowed him to see clearly inside.

After scouting the area for a while, it seemed like there was nothing inside, but of course, he couldn't be sure. He thought about it for a while but in the end, the possibility of getting a new beast weapon or something amazing was too tempting for him.

He crawled through the hole and entered into the hanger. As he stood up onto his feet, he was quickly disappointed by the state of the hanger.

Nearly everything inside had been destroyed and just piles of scrap metal and rubbish remained.

There were no Airships, mechs, and no beast weapons. Whatever was left was unable to be used. However, the building was large and Quinn wouldn't give up just form his initial view.

He started to walk around the hanger for a while until eventually, there was a room stationed in the corner. It was hard to tell how big it was but it seemed like it went the whole length of the hanger and on closer inspection, it looked more like a large container.

He walked up to the room and there was a single steel door with a passcode device next to it. The door was military-grade which meant even those with abilities would find it hard to break it down. Perhaps it was the reason why no one so far had been able to enter including the beasts.

But it was clear to him, that whatever was in the container had yet to be destroyed and most likely whatever was inside was important stuff worth locking.

"Should I try hammer strike on it?" Quinn looked around the hanger, the ceiling was high and the roof was made of metal. If he was to perform Hammer strike in a place like this the sound would just echo out.

However, Quinn didn't want to give up that easy, all that stood in front of him and his treasures was a single door. There must be something he could do?

He looked at the passcode on the side and pressed four random digits before pressing the enter button.


"Of course, I'm not that lucky." He thought.

Right now, Quinn was desperate and wanted to try everything, he thought perhaps if he was to use the inspect skill maybe it would give him some information.

\u003c Inspect \u003e

\u003c A passcode machine which is linked to a steel door. Entering the right combination to the door will successfully open it. \u003e

Just as Quinn was about to give up another notification sound was heard in his head.

\u003c Inspect skill is now Level 2 \u003e

\u003c Inspect skill will now display more information, about objects, humans, items and more \u003e

Ever since his Blood swipe skill had levelled up, Quinn was sure his other skills could level up too but he never thought about his inspect skill too much while using it.

Looking at the lock again, His gut was telling him to try it.

\u003c Inspect \u003e

\u003c A passcode machine which is linked to a steel door. Entering the right combination to the door will successfully open it. Please touch the lock for more information. \u003e

Quinn then did as his inspect skill said and touched the lock. Nothing happened but then, he used the inspect skill one more time.

\u003c A passcode machine which is linked to a steel door. Entering the right combination to the door will successfully open. The combination to the door is 2536725364 \u003e

Quinn immediately tested out the number the system had given him.



The door then made an unlocking sound and swung open.


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