My Vampire System
40 Taken away
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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40 Taken away

As Quinn diligently watched the blonde man in the video, he noticed several things that he read about in fantasy novels that all pointed to the tall man being a vampire. The ghastly pale skin, the beautiful looks and finally, the red eyes. Not only that but the man in the video also stated that Quinn was one of them.

If Quinn was trying to understand the meaning behind his words, the man was stating that he was a Vampire. Although there was also some other strange wording the man had said as well. The fact that he didn't know how much time had passed. Did it mean the video was made a long time ago, was the man in the video even still alive?

For now, Quinn had to put all of the questions he had to the side, as there was nothing he could do to confirm it.

The video continued to play, and the tall blonde man started to speak again.

"To whomever, this video happens to be shown to, I will now demonstrate a set of skills that you should be able to perform at your level. Our kind and or abilities work best when we use a weapon that covers our hands."

The man then proceeded to get into a fighting stance.

"I will cover two sets of basic moves and it's up to you to learn them and figure out how to use them in fights. If you forget, feel free to open up your system at any time and watch the videos again."

"The first move is a defensive move; I call it Flash step. To perform this, if the system has been set up correctly, you will need at least 15 points of agility."

The man then proceeded to perform the flash step. He crouched down and moved to another corner of the room in an instant, at the same time an afterimage of him was being shown.

"Now this skill uses up a lot of stamina so even if you have enough Agility points to perform this skill, be careful not to wear yourself out. I would only use it when avoiding a fatal blow or going in for an attack. Please also make note that although the move is fast and hard to be seen by the naked eye, at most it can only move you at the distance of five meters."

Looking at the move, Quinn straight away realised how handy it would be to have something like this. In his last fight against Loop, he could have avoided several blows at the last second. The only thing was it was a shame that Quinn currently didn't have enough Agility points to practise the move.

"The next skill I will show you is the Hammer strike."

Once again, the man got in a fighting stance, this time he lifted his right foot and slammed it onto the ground while at the same time he pulled back his left hand and threw out his right hand. All of this was done in one smooth motion. Just from watching the video, Quinn could see that the air had slightly moved."

"Cool right," the man said smiling. "For this skill, you will need at least 15 strength as well. That is all for today, when you are ready, the next set of hand to hand combat classes will be unlocked for you. If you want a slowed down and more detailed version of these videos, they will be saved in your system. Good luck my friend and I wish you all the best."

After the man had finished talking the video immediately ended. As Quinn opened up his system there was now an extra Tab that stated tutorial and in it, were two videos of the skills he had just been shown. When watching the videos, it was just as the man had said.

The video contained slowed down versions of the skills the man had recently performed, there was even detailed commentary on how the skills would work and what you needed to do.

Quinn couldn't help but think who this guy was. The way he spoke clearly meant he knew about the system. Did that mean he was the creator of the Book Quinn's parents had left him?

But it was hard for Quinn to remember meeting anyone like the man in the video. He didn't even know what his parents faces looked like that well.

Whatever it was, he was happy that the system was starting to help him out more. He felt like the system at first had given him a hard time giving him Quests to drink blood and drawbacks such as halving his stats while in the sun.

But now Quinn was starting to feel happy that he had discovered the system more than ever.

Quinn immediately started to watch the Hammer strike video. As long as he wore the gauntlets, he technically had more than 15 strength. He wasn't sure if that counted but there was no harm in trying.

But as Quinn was watching the video, Leo had come up and approached him.

"Quinn, I'm afraid I have some bad news." Leo said, that's when Quinn also noticed two military men were standing behind."

"I'm afraid you will have to follow these men; they have a few questions they would like to ask you. Don't worry I will be coming to."

With that one guard held Quinn, while the other held Leo.

"Hey, what's going on over there." The students said noticing the commotion.

"Is he being taken somewhere?"

"Students we shall be back in while." Said Leo, "Please continue to watch and if I spot any of you slacking or breaking the rules, you know the consequences."

A few moments later and the two of them were teleported into a small square room. There were no windows and a few lights above them. Inside the room was a single table with a hooded female sat on one side and an empty chair on the other. Standing behind the female was a man who had the rank of general on his clothing.

"Please sit." The general said.

Quinn did as he was told and sat in the empty seat, but with the atmosphere, in the room, he couldn't help but feel nervous.

"Don't look so worried boy, as long as you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about."


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