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Mate To The Alpha Predator.

Mate To The Alpha Predator.


Kiss Leilani

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Mate To The Alpha Predator.






Mate To The Alpha Predator.

Rating: 6.0/10 from 218 ratings

WARNING! This book contains strong matured contents which includes sex(lots of it), trauma, abuse, abuse of a minor e.t.c. Read at your risk. . . . "Do you know what smells better than fear?" His voice was a replica of the male. Deep, dark, and dangerous. "What...?" She squeaked, terrified. He was standing so close to her... "Lùst. Desire." He spat the words like they tasted bad, his eyes cold, his face inscrutable. "The scent of your wetness is driving me insane. I can practically taste your hunger for my cóck." Then, he shocked them both—hell, even the poor equipment in her bathroom. With a savage growl, his head lowered completely and his mouth crashed down to hers. . . ********************* There are rumors... Whispers around in secret. Murmurs in pitch darkness. Of the most powerful 'man' in Naturiah. The most fearsome creature. The fiercest predator Naturiah ever has. A man who is the 'impossible'. Rumors has it that his powers and strength not only surpass that of all 'men' but there's are nothing compared to his. Powerful. Fearless. Highly Séxual. Instinctive. Dominant. Predators. He is their Alpha. Most species has an Alpha, but this 'man' is the Alpha of all Alphas. The ultimate Alpha. The Alpha King. They think him God. He is respected like one. He is feared like one. They call him God. Because, he is a crossbreed between the two most powerful creatures. He has the strength of a mountain lion and the power of a werewolf. He can take the form of a mountain lion or a werewolf. Or a man. Why? Because, he is a werewolf AND a mountain lion. His name is Wolfariane Daminor Throne. The Alpha King of Naturiah. . . . .