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Married to a Jinn

Married to a Jinn



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Married to a Jinn






Married to a Jinn

Rating: 6.0/10 from 101 ratings

A paranormal story about dark Jinns and mermaids, these creatures were enemies after the bloody wars of their forefathers. There were tales about mermaids but not about Jinns. Jinns are unknown to human The fourth war led to loss of lives of these creatures in their world, they had to migrate to the human world since they can be recongnised as human. Ava Lina, an orphan mermaid lives on the surface-human world with her brother Lucas Lina, Lucas gets heal which cannot be cured in the human world but can't go back to the ocean because mermaids are hunted or sacrificed to gain more power by the Jinns. Ava seeks for help from a dark Jinn in disguise of a magician. What happens when the dark Jinn requests for her hand in marriage to his son, Donald Don who is waiting in the alter for his runaway bride?What happens when she finds her soon to be brother-in-law charming and irresistable?Will the dark Jinn sacrifice Ava for her innoncence to become the supreme leader of the Jinns?