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Love and Trouble

Love and Trouble


Blessing Nweke Okoye

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Love and Trouble






Love and Trouble

Rating: 6.0/10 from 50 ratings

Samantha has it all, a flourishing career, wealth and everything she wants and desires. She had been hurt in the past multiple times by men she loved. Samantha decided to not fall in love ever again, but having all the wealth she desired was not enough, she knows something is missing, but choose to ignore it. She has been single for too long and is now ready to give love a chance. She falls in love with her new next door neighbour, but there is one problem, she had a one night stand with him in the past and worst of all, she doesn't remember! Now she has an ex boyfriend who wants her back and won't take No for an answer, and a new man vying for her attention. Will Samantha let her self be loved by this new man? Will the memories of their one night stand, destroy her chances at happiness and make her give up on love again? Read on to find out what happens!

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