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His Scarred Luna

His Scarred Luna


Hira Baig

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His Scarred Luna






His Scarred Luna

Rating: 6.0/10 from 41 ratings

What happens when fate plays dirty games? When you know you love someone but then you find out they are not yours? Anika Hurler craved for only one thing in her life. And it was love. When she thought she found her mate, fate played her again. But she doesn't know,there is someone who can die a hundred deaths to be with her. Will she be able to reach Alpha Caleb, who loves her unconditionally? And will she ever trust him after all the betrayals? _______________________________ Skylar Hurler, Anika's twin sister. She has everything in her life. Everything, except for the very person she had always craved for, Adam Hurler. She knew Adam was her mate, but he never wanted her. She cried and fought to have him. Because she decided to never give up. But Adam is stubborn. Will Adam ever open his arms for Skylar?

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