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Get Me Married

Get Me Married


Tori Johnson

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Get Me Married






Get Me Married

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"You are not my wife, you can never be my wife do you understand me?" his eyes filled with hatred shot daggers at her. "You are an imposter, a nobody, a thieve. During your days in this house, I don't want to feel you close, don't ever look at me, don't ever talk to me. When you hear the sound of my footstep, you run far" "Now get out." Genesis?an average girl with plans ahead, she forged to achieve those dreams of hers after graduation. But the news of her upcoming marriage to Jordan Chase, the son of the most influential man in the state shattered those dreams. Her dreams were used to pay the price for her sister's medical bill. What happens to Genesis when it hits her that she was a trophy wife? How will she fight for her marriage when her husband is a cold hearted demon who loves another? Can a girl live such lonely life? Or would she rather run away than face her husband? Will love blossom or will this be another failed marriage?