Trial Husband
20 I“ll Cook For You
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Trial Husband
Author :dumpliing
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20 I“ll Cook For You

I woke up, light shining through the big windows.

My hand glazed over the bed, searching for Lu Yongxin.

Feeling no one at all in the bed, I opened my eyes and looking around lazily. Seeing him nowhere I got up and headed down to the kitchen.

As I walked down the stairs, I saw the chef making breakfast for me, "Ning Xiao, good morning! Mr.Lu left for work early."

I smiled, "Oh? Good morning to you also! Do you need any help cooking?"

The chef looked pretty shocked but was able to reply, "No, no! Please take a seat, I'll cook for you." He smiled, showing his wrinkles.

"No! I'll help you! Don't worry, I know how to cook!" I giggled as I walked over to the stove beside him.

He sighed, "Alright, fine. You know what I'm making right?"

I smiled, "Of course, Stir Fried Tomato and Eggs."

I continued, "My father used to make this a lot for me and my brother."

"Really? Then let's see how good you are making it." He laughed sitting down in the chair.

I laughed, "Alrighty, sir!" I saluted.

I walked to the counter, grabbing a bowl alongside with the eggs.

I cracked 3 eggs and put them in the bowl, taking the seasonings and putting them in the mixed eggs.

After beating the eggs, I walked to the stove and turned it on. Placing butter and letting it melt, then pouring the mixed eggs in.

I waited until the eggs were scrambled and cooked, I scooped them up and put them in a plate and set them aside.

I took another clean pan, putting some oil so it won't be dry.

I grabbed tomatoes, sprinkling them with salt and putting them in there.

I fried them about 2-3 minutes, not too much to burn but enough to soften them.

I took a bowl, placing the eggs and tomatoes and mixing them together. Also, along with another bowl of the same.

I then put a little more salt.

I took two forks, I grabbed them and sat beside the chef.

"Here you go!" I smiled, handing him a bowl.

I took my fork started digging in.


"That was really good! I'm actually really surprised you could make it." He laughed after putting the dishes in the sink.

I sighed jokingly, "I know, I'm really amazing!" I laughed, along with the chief.


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