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The bastard is back A Naruto X Highschool DxD Fanfic
Author :Akassassin
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9 Hello Aunty!

"Be that may, we can't let you do it without the heavenly dragon's permission?" Sirzechs said with a solemn look on his face. But his internal thoughts couldn't differ more. ' By saying this the blame would go on to the heavenly dragon himself. And knowing how prideful dragons are he would choose to die rather than have his jewel taken by someone else.'

"I am fine by that" replied with a calm tone , leaving Sirzechs confused. He had thought that he would resist but he agreed so easily.

"What about the phoenix blood essence," Naruto asked with a smirk. This time they couldn't deny him.

"It is all up to the Phenex family," Sirzechs said with gritted teeth. This isn't in his hand but he will

him pay when his backup plan starts.

Naruto walked up to the lord of Phenex house, he was a tall and muscular man with shoulder-length blond hair which flickered with tiny flames sporadically.

" So what will it be Lord Phenex," Naruto asked with a smile.

" Don't force me, kid!" Lord Phenex said with gritted teeth.

"I am asking whether do you want to go against the oath or not" The smile on his face had grown wider.

"You'll regret this kid!" Lord Phenex had a red face. He wanted to beat up this kid but the whole devil society was here if he did so then it would be disastrous for their reputation.

Lord Phenex had a flaming aura covering his body when he left the hall out of anger.

"I can't underestimate the power of these Old devils, by his power level he can defeat an ultimate class devil easily. I should be careful" Naruto mumbled under his breath.

"Could you let my son go for just this once. I'll use up my favour for this" Ruina Phenex came up to him with a sad smile on her face. She did not want her son to be devastated after this ordeal. Although he wasn't a good devil yet a mother couldn't see her son suffering.

"You know we promised on river Styx," Naruto asked her seriously.

"Yes but I don't want my son to suffer so much," Ruina said with tears in her eyes.

"You know that going against river Styx is not easy," Naruto asked again

"Please, I beg you," Ruina was just going to bend on her knees to beg him when he stopped her.

"For others, it might be difficult but I can do it" Naruto had a small smile on his face when he said this. Seeing her devotion for her children he couldn't help but remember his mother who was the same.

"But why do you still stay in this corrupted family," Naruto asked in confusion.

"About that, I want to talk to you about this afterwards, let's meet at your place tomorrow," Ruina said with a complicated look in her eyes.

"Sure, let me handle Lady Styx first," Naruto said as he took out his mobile.

"If going against a promise made on Styx was so easy then it wouldn't be the strongest promise around," Sirzechs scoffed when he heard him. He had intentionally spoken aloud so that everyone around could see Naruto make a fool out of himself.

Naruto ignored him and continued fiddling with his phone. When he saw that the person on the other side had picked up he put the phone near his ear.

"Hello Aunty Styx, how are you!"

"Yes I missed you all a lot, I'll come to visit both of you."

"No! Don't tell her I came back, I'll tell her myself."

" Well, I just wanted to ask you if you could revoke the promise I made with some Riser Phenex from the devil world."

"No-no I'm not messing around again "

"Thank you, Aunty, I'll be sure to send you some exotic sweets afterwards. Bye !"

Naruto ended the call. When he turned around he could see everyone watching him as if he was some kind of exotic alien.

"What!" Naruto asked

"You…you just called Lady Styx, " Ruina asked to make sure she wasn't hallucinating.

"Of course" Naruto replied as if having a conversation with one of the oldest Titans was a normal thing in his life.

"You just called her aunty," she asked again.

"Well, she technically is as…." Naruto stopped before he leaked any more information.

"Do we still go on with the plan, if he contacts Lady Styx for backup we all are screwed," Ajuka asked Sirzechs in a worried tone.

" Don't worry older gods can't visit the mortal plane without having a backlash," Sirzechs said in a reassuring tone but on the inside even he was worried . If she really wanted to come she could easily bend the world laws .

"How strong is Lady Styx really," asked Naruto out of curiosity.

"Well if I were to guess then she would be stronger than all the maos combined," Naruto said with a thoughtful look on his face.

" Then why isn't she on the top ten strongest list," Ruina asked in confusion.

"That list is just for show, except for Ophis and the dragon of dreams all other places are fake. Most of the gods like Lord Shiva, that bastard Zeus and one-eyed Odin, all of them couldn't cross over to the mortal realm easily before, so it was made."

Ruina had a light of enlightenment in her eyes even though she was much older than him she didn't know all of this. In common Devil knowledge, these things weren't known.

"Why isn't this knowledge public," Ruina asked in confusion.

"We shouldn't talk about these things in public," Naruto had a solemn look on his face.

"Oh I'm terribly sorry," she thought of how all their conversation could be heard by others around.

"Don't worry I erected a sound isolation barrier around us but let's talk about these things later. Come to my house with all those sided with me at that time or want to join my side now."

Sirzechs scrunched his brows when he noticed the sound suppression barrier. "How much of a pain can you be," he muttered under his breath.

When Grayfia came to tell him that both of them were in a stable condition now, he asked her to tell Riser that he was free of the debt and went to talk to Issei along with one of the hooded persons.

"I'm here to talk to Dirag" Naruto interrupted before Issei could say something.

Issei did not answer him. Dirag had asked him to stay silent.

"Before you decide to do anything rash. Have a word with him" Naruto indicated the person behind to come forward.

"It has been long my rival," a deep voice came from the hooded man.

"May that be, it's how it has always been, " Dirag had a sad tinge to his voice.

"It can be over if you want it to be. He can help," Albion said in an understanding tone.

"What can he help with, this cycle was created by that old bastard. If I could I would choose to die rather than be a slave to a new host every time"

"That may be but he can break the cycle. This is my last host," Albion had a happy tone in his voice.

"Let me show you." A silver dragon with blue highlights on is wings emerged from the hooded person's body. It was made up of pure mana and gave an aura of power which suppressed every being in a 10 km radius including all the devils in the mansion causing them to panic.

"Albion suppress your aura," Naruto commanded.

"Yes, boss!" Albion said sheepishly.

Seeing Albion follow Naruto's commands readily Dirag and Issei could not help but be astonished. Specially Dirag, he knew how prideful his rival was seeing him follow that boy made him interested in the boy.

"How will he break the cycle," Dirag asked in an inquisitive tone.

"That is my choice, are you willing to come under my command. If you are then I'll think about it if not then I'll forcefully take your inner jewel and make you my slave." Naruto said in a calm tone. The decision was Dirag's if he resisted then he'll just take the jewel forcefully. The Dragon community may get angry but he had ways to deal with it.

"Will I have my free will if I choose to do so," Dirag asked in a defeated tone he could feel that the devil in front of him would do exactly what he said.

"Of course, if possible I want a comrade, not a lifeless slave," Naruto said in a reassuring tone.

"Then I choose to be under your command. Being in your command is better than going through this haunting cycle." Dirag said with conviction.

" But I have a condition. I'll follow you only if you can keep my host alive through the process." Dirag said in a deep tone. Even though he chooses to follow the devil he still couldn't let his host die through the process.

" That may be a problem. I have to kill him for trying to kill Elina," Naruto couldn't forget that Issei had tried to kill her.

"Please could you grant this favour, I'll follow your every command. I can't find it in my heart to let him be killed before my eyes," Dirag pleaded for Issei.

"I shall grant you this favour but he has to pay for what he did," Naruto said with steel in his voice.

Naruto put his palm on Issei's chest and spoke in an unknown language . A magic circle appeared on Issei's chest.

Issei started screaming as he felt something inside him stir. Eight pawn pieces appeared floating beside the Magic Circle. On seeing these Issei knew that his life was over. He fainted due to magical exhaustion.

"Fear not he isn't going to die. I just created a false chess piece inside him and took out Rias's chess pieces. I can't have someone like him in her peerage. He will have to live on his own now.

"So are you ready to start your life anew," Naruto asked Dirag.

"It seems so," Dirag said in a faintly excited tone.

"Ah! I was just about to call you for Dirag's extraction from Issei's body," Naruto said with a smile as he turned around to see Elina coming inside the room.
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    《The bastard is back A Naruto X Highschool DxD Fanfic》