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The bastard is back A Naruto X Highschool DxD Fanfic
Author :Akassassin
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8 Unleash the unknown

"Unleash it" Naruto commanded Elina trough his mind. He hadn't thought that he would have to reveal her true nature so early.

Elina had a relaxed smile on her face when she heard him. It was nice that now she will be able to lift the seal and revert it back to its original form . But having to do so in such a situation wasn't that nice, she will make this imbecile suffer for that.

Elina relaxed her body and chanted something in an unknown but enchanting language. Her body loosened up slowly falling down, with the liquid thrown by Issei still coming at her , it seemed that she would be fatally injured. But she still had a relaxed smile on her face.

The next instant just when the liquid was about to fall on her, an icy blue light pulsed out from her body lighting up the domain and then.


It was as if a mini supernova was unleashed with her as the centre. Everything surrounding her in a 20-meter range was obliviated creating a huge crater, the dimension was unstable around the edges of the crater pulsating with multicoloured lights.

Even devils around had felt the blast in the form of a small earthquake, shaking up the Gremory palace. This should not be possible as Elina was in another dimension but the force of the blast was so huge that it broke the temporary dimension making it very unstable.

When the light faded away, Elina was there still looking the same but if you looked closely her features had gone under great change. Her face looked more angular and felt as if it was more in sync with nature. If before her body was comparable to that of supermodels now it looked as if it had reached beyond perfection making her a masterpiece in her own way. Her ears had gone a great change from round and human-like to large and pointy like that of vampires. The aura coming out of her body was comparable to that of the four Satans in their latent stages. Her boy was in sync with nature as if blending right into nature.

"This is not possible, they were supposed to be extinct long before God created us," One of the older members of devil society said with astonishment.

"I didn't think you would be able to get her to join your peerage, their race is said to be extinct long before the Cristian god created angels and devils. Her being alive is a miracle in itself."Ajuka Beelzebub Said in an astounded tone. He seemed in high spirits on seeing one of the noblest races before him. Even Angels were not as much loved by nature as much it loved Elves.

"Could you lend her to me for some experiments?" Ajuka asked in an excited tone. To him, she was just a servant under Naruto. " I can give you any of my peerage members in exchange for her" the green glint of greed could be seen shining in his eyes.

"I could, if you offer your head to me first" Naruto said with a disgusted look on his face. These kinds of devils treated their peerage members as chess pieces, expendable when needed. Making them no less than monsters in his eyes.

Ajuka had an enraged look on his face, he wanted to retaliate but Sirzechs had signalled him to stay put for now.

Naruto ignored the astonished devils around him and continued watching Elina.

She started walking in a slow speed but it seemed as if time was moving slowly around her making her faster in a relative fashion.

She walked up to the fallen red dragon emperor, he was in dire states, the blast had blown him hundreds of meters away near the edge of the dimension. There were injuries all over his body, his left shoulder was crushed due to impacting the ground hard and his left arm had multiple fractures, but all of this saved his life as he was still breathing, a bit laboriously though.

Just when his eyelids were closing up due to exhaustion, he caught a glimpse of Elina coming towards him causing his heart to skip a beat out of fear. He fell unconscious after seeing that his attack had failed.

"The winner of this match is Elina, servant under Naruto Uzumaki. The contestants will now be teleported to the medical facilities for rejuvenation and healing of serious wounds."

Grayfia spoke out loud ending the eventful match.

"That was quite a fascinating match, you outperformed those old dogs sitting high up in the society" Grayfia had a smile as she walked up to him. The old dogs she insisted were obviously the heads of Gremory, Phenex some other houses which were hell-bent on ruling the devil society in their own corrupted way.

" It was alright" Naruto casually waved off her compliments. " But you, my dear look ravishing tonight" Naruto put his hand on her waist and pulled her close.

"Naruto! Not here everybody is watching" Grayfia spoke in an embarrassed tone.

"Let them watch" Naruto whispered in a husky voice.

"Soon you will be mine, free from that pretentious little git", Naruto whispered in her ears.

"I am yours even now, but please don't fight him now. He is stronger than you right now"Grayfia said in a serious tone. She wanted to be with him but not at the price of him being hurt.

" Are you sure, I might be stronger than I look" Naruto replied in a playful voice.

"If you were then you would have killed him on the spot without any hesitation" Grayfia looked him in the eyes.

"Damn you know me too well" Naruto said sheepishly." Well somebody is getting jealous, let's meet up afterwards at Kuho academy". All this conversation was witnessed by the devils present around making them uncomfortable as the so-called master of Grayfia was fuming on seeing this. He had tried everything possible to get his hands on her but she never relented but now , seeing her being so close to Naruto made him feel like a eunuch. Now he realised why she went missing sometimes, just so she could slut around with this bastard.

"See you soon" Grayfia gave him a quick in the lips as she went on to handle the Gremory household with a merry look on her face.

Sirzechs and Ajuka walked up to him with fake smiles on their faces.

"Congratulations on winning the match" Ajuka had a fake smile on his face but it turned into a vicious one as soon as he uttered his next words.

"But we can't let you take the rewards as they would bring calamity to the devil society. The dragon population left would never allow the jewel to be taken and the phenex family would revolt if we gave you Riser's phoenix essence", Ajuka had a savage smile on his face as he announced this aloud to all the devils present.

"Are you sure you want to be the one to interfere between a promise made on River Styx?" Naruto asked with a calm smile on his face.

Ajuka choked on his own saliva on hearing this. The punishment for doing so would be extremely heavy, making it normal for him to fear taking responsibility of the task . "No when did I say that, no I did not mean that, you misunderstood me", Ajuka replied in a fearful tone making a fool out of himself to all the devils present.
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    《The bastard is back A Naruto X Highschool DxD Fanfic》