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The bastard is back A Naruto X Highschool DxD Fanfic
Author :Akassassin
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7 Total overdose

Mist started spilling from the magic circle. The mist was quite powerful, freezing the area around Elina.

"I forgot to tell you, Elian is a witch from another dimension. Having the blood of Ice Phoenix in her veins makes her as powerful as an ultimate class devil." Naruto Had a taunting look as he looked at the Stunned Lucifer.

Riser was astonished on seeing such a scenario. He had Goosebumps on his skin as if feeling danger on an instinctive level.

Even Issei was staring at her with his eyes open. Driag had contacted him and told him to either run or surrender. "Her power levels are off the chart and there is something off about her aura. Either run or surrender, I am helpless in this situation. "Was Dirag's verdict about her.

"But what about my trump card. No devil can stand against it." Issei said with a perverted face. If he won, he would be able to ask for all the rewards of the bet himself.

" I have warned you, my host, the decision is yours" Dirag said in a calm tone. The perverted nature of his host would surely lead to his downfall."

"Let's talk with our fists instead of our mouths" Riser had regained his confidence on remembering that he had the flames of rebirth with him.

Riser lifted his hands above his head and a ball of concentrated phoenix fire started hovering above his hands. The ball was growing large by the second.

As the ball grew two meters in diameters he bent his spine backwards to the fullest and then sprung back like a spring throwing the huge flame ball on Elina at breakneck speed.

On seeing the approaching flame ball, Elina chuckled lightly. She pushed her palm in the forward direction towards the incoming fireball.

The mist around her came together to form a palm print in the air rushing towards the fireball.


The fireball was crushed by the incoming palm made of icy fog. The fireball split up into millions of small flames lighting up the sky creating a mesmerising scene for all except for one, Riser. He was panicking as the palm continued coming towards him with increasing speed.

Risers instincts saved him as his body automatically unleashed its potential to the fullest. Orange Phoenix made up of dense flames covered his body. The air around him shimmered due to extreme heat.

"Now that's something interesting "Elina murmured as she watched his transformation.

Just as the icy palm was going to impact Riser a red armoured Issei sneak attacked riser from behind. Causing him to face both the attacks at the same time.

"This is what you get when you ignore the red dragon emperor!" Issei had a huge smirk on his face.


Issei watched as his fist tore away through his chest directly crushing his heart. The icy palm also impacted his back. Sending him sprawling downwards.

Riser's body created a mini crater on the earth around him .The engrossing part was that the strong and immortal Riser was screaming his heart out with pain. His chest looked rotten and he was clutching it as if it was burning. The icy fog that lingered on his body started counteracting his flames of rebirth. Slowing down his recovery.

"There is something wrong with that boy's hand "Naruto said with squinted eyes.

All the devils around them were thinking the same. Having scene riser perform in numerous rating games they knew how powerful he was. Defeating him with one punch is impossible.

"It's your turn now!" issei shouted out loud, his lustful eyes staring at Elinal's bosom.

"Come at me you pervert!" Elina made a come here motion. These kind of perverts are kind of people she hates the most.

Issei fired up his thrusters and rushed towards her at full throttle. Elina raised her hands in an elegant fashion causing all the icy fog around her to come together and spin at high speed forming a mini tornado around her. She pushed her hands towards him causing the tornado to fly at him at groundbreaking speed.

Issei's mind went blank as he saw a tornado about to collide with him.

"Driag transfer all the power to the dragon armour, fast!" Issei roared in a panicked tone.

Boost! Boost!

Boost! Boost!

Boost! Boost!


His suit glowed crimson red lighting up the domain.

When the tornado hit him, it was filled with shards of ice whizzing inside it. As he collided with it, he was bombarded with those shards, they slowly broke his armour bit by bit as he was spinning crazily inside the tornado.

"Backstabbing doesn't suit the noble house of phenex," Elina said in a taunting tone as she twirled on her toes to dodge the incoming flame ball made by riser in a sneak attack.

"You bitch! I'll bend you on your knees and make you service me like a king!" Rizer shouted as he had a cringing face. He had never been humiliated like this before being knocked put by a single punch and then this strange icy fog could counteract his flames of rebirth. All of this frustrated him greatly.

"You have quite a filthy mouth, you should be punished for it" Elina said with a smirk. "As for the red dragon emperor, let him suffer for a bit for bad mouthing my master"

Elina lifted her right hand and swiped it vertically creating a rift in space. She put her hand inside and pulled out an ornate wooden box, it was surrounded with purple and red symbols creating graphic chains on it, the chains looked as if they were moving around the box.

"This is a punishing formation tool used by my tribe used to punish great wrongdoers and demons." Elina had a cold smile on her face.

She placed the box on the palm of her hand and started a magic circle surrounding it.

" Open" she said softly.

The top corner of the box flip open and large crimson chains started spilling out of it. The chains were as thick as an average man's legs.

There seemed to be an unlimited amount of chains in the box.

"Go!" she commanded.

The chains whizzed trough air towards Riser. All this time riser was watching with sick fascination as he sensed his doom nearing him.

The chains surrounded him in an instant and made him float in the air. His body made a huge plus sign in the air.

All of this was being watched by the stunned devils as they were seeing something like this for the first time. This thing was not a sacred gear, they could feel it but it was quite scary.

"You know the best part about these chains, they block the magic flow around your body making you comparable to an ordinary human. The second best part is that the more you move the more they will strangle you." Elina said with an evil smile on her pretty face.

"Let me go!" Riser tried to activate his flames but he got no response. He struggled with all his might. But the more he tried to struggle the tighter the chains got.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you that after some time. They start attacking your sensory organs making you feel unimaginable pain" Elina said

'this is what you get for going against master'she thought as the chains started coiling around rriser like when an anaconda strangles its prey to death.

When the pain kicked in, Riser for the first time in life felt like what it feels when you feel the burnning sensation. It was as if thousands of searing hot needles were pricking him all around his body.

"Aaaaaah!" riser screamed so hard his vocal cords broke.

Riser went limp in just seconds. His brain shutting down.

"Well master said not to kill anyone. Its enough of a punishment for now" She ordered the chains to go back to the box. This is enough to scare those devils watching. All the steps taken today were taken under Naruto's plan, the plan to build a reputation in the devil society to avoid the hassle made by haughty high-class devils thinking Naruto was a week ass devil easy to push around.

Elina turned her attention to the red dragon emperor who was in desperate condition. His armour almost fully destroyed, just a thin layer of it was left which was barely hanging on with the desperate attempts of the heavenly dragon residing the sacred gare. Elina had slowed down the tornado midway during her fight with Riser. She had seen that Issei would die if that goes on so as to keep him alive but still in suffering she slowed the tornado down.

She stopped the tornado causing it to dissipate in the air. Issei fell down hard on the ground creating a massive creator. She walked up to him slowly taking her sweet time knowing that everything was under her control.

"Dirag how much power do you have left," Issei asked with heavy breaths. Even talking right now was a chore for him, the tornado was accompanied with icy fog which had seeped into the armour, almost freezing him to death. There were ice deposits inside his armour restricting his movement.

"One last charge left" Dirag answered in a deep tone this fight had taken a lot from him, saving his host from the tornado was what took the most out of him.

"Transfer all of it to my trump card," Issei said with a murderous look on his face.

"Are you sure Issei, she is not like Riser who is immortal. She will be seriously injured; she could die too. I can feel that she slowed down the tornado so we could stay alive." Dirag asked seriously. The woman had shown them mercy and trying to kill her didn't work well with him.

"I am sure, this bitch should be dead for all the pain she dealt with me, "Issei said as he groaned when he tried to stand up, almost all his bones were frozen stiff.

"as you say," Dirag said with a heavy heart.

Elina finally stood before the fallen red dragon emperor.

"You are an insult to the red dragon emperor legacy," Elina said with disdain all over her face.

"That might be true but I will make you pay for all the pain you dealt me, you bitch!!" Issei shouted with all his might.

Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!


Issei threw a bottle filled with a transparent liquid in it, it was glowing crimson due to its effects being magnified by the boosted gear. Issei fired a crimson beam on it when it reached near Elina breaking the bottle causing the liquid to head towards her.

"Shit!" this was the only word in her mind right now.

"I was thinking about leaving him alive, But now I'll torture this kid to death," Naruto roared with anger written all over his face.
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    《The bastard is back A Naruto X Highschool DxD Fanfic》