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The bastard is back A Naruto X Highschool DxD Fanfic
Author :Akassassin
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6 The grand scheme

Time skip to the wedding party

"We are here to crash this damn wedding!" Came an equally loud reply.

On listening to the voice Rias's face lit up, she wanted to run to Naruto but he had asked her to stay put until he calls for her.

Whispering noises from the devils present created a large commotion,

"Who is this"

"who is foolish enough to interrupt the wedding, when Sirzechs himself is present"

"Mmmh~ look at this handsome hunk, he looks delicious"

"What are you doing here you imbecile! Rias is mine and I will be the one to take her Virginity" Issei shouted on top of his lungs on seeing Naruto but if one looked closely one could see his legs quivering. Having almost all of your bones broken could leave a pretty deep trauma on you, thank god Sirzechs came to heal him making it possible for him to come here in time.

"As if I would let you do that " Naruto scoffed at Issei. " You never learn, wasn't yesterday enough for you" Naruto snickered at the pitiful creature before him. He could see him finch on remembering the pain he went through yesterday.

"Why don't we all calm down a little bit" the red-haired Lucifer strolled in with a calculating tinge in his eyes.

'Let him have his moment' Naruto smirked on the inside.

"Why don't we have a small competition between those fighting for Rias's hand, that is excluding our dear Naruto, he is and exterminated devil not worthy of fighting for my dear Rias's hand."

"but I don't like his Infuriating face, let it be a three-way match I would like to show everyone the might of Phenex house." Riser being the obnoxious devil he is had to take revenge for ruining his wedding party.

'Well even if this red-haired git asked me to fight, why would I fight for something that is already mine. But let them have their fun'

"I won't fight this lowlife, even one-of my servants can beat you" Naruto said with his trademark smirk on his face.

"Why you!" just as Riser was preparing to fight Naruto for insulting him. He was stopped by Sirzechs.

"How are capable of having servants, you don't have your chess set with you, it was never given to you" Sirzechs asked with authority in his voice.

"I have my ways. I don't have to answer to a red-haired pounce like you" Naruto had a calm face as if the Lucifer didn't mean anything to him.

This created another commotion as no one had imagined that someone could go against the current Lucifer.

"You sure have guts Naruto that I can give you. I will let this insult slide for now. Let's have your servant fight with them" as expected the red-haired devil was smarter than others thought him to be. He had thought of angering him but he could sense that something fishy was going on.

"Let me see what you're capable of Naruto" Sirzechs murmured as he watched the blond devil in front of him.

'Well he will be a thought opponent, having both muscle and brains in him, but challenges is what I crave for. Making him beg for death would be a good sacrifice for mother' he was smiling on the inside but had a passive look on his face.

"Elina be sure to leave him alive"

" As you say, darling~" an icy cold but mesmerizing voice could be heard from one of the hooded people who came with him.

She stepped up and removed the whole robe that covered her frame revealing a bombshell of a woman with blue hair and deep black eyes.

Her figure could topple supermodels out of their pedestal.

Her face shimmering as if it was sculpted out of pure ice.

Devils surrounding them could not help but stare at her, their mouths salivating on the thought of ravaging her.

But one man was unnerved by her appearance.

"Turn down your charm Elina or they would lose themselves to lust," Naruto said in a chiding tone but his lips couldn't help but twitch at the scene before him. All high-class devils losing themselves to lust even some of the ultimate class devils excluding the four great satans. Well, it can't be helped lust was one of the 7 sins.

"Muuu~ you are such a turn down some times" Elina burst out a last blast of charm and then turned it down.

The power of charm could be seen as the last blast had made many devils into drooling idiots. The charm had maximum effect on males but females also could feel its effects.

"What the fuck!, I'll make her my bitch after the fight. Her supple body would be heavenly on the bed." Riser had even started to ravage her in his mind.

"It seems I have underestimated him, I 'll have to make a backup plan if Riser is defeated" Sirzechs murmured as he tried to unveil the mystery surrounding Naruto.

Grayfia came up and started the match.

"Please stand still you will be teleported to a dimension dedicated for personal fights of high-class devils."

"Hold up what do I get for fighting you bastard for what is already mine" Riser already had a plan in mind making him kill two birds with one arrow.

" What do you want Riser" Sirzechs knew what was going on in his mind but he still had to ask for pretending.

"I want the blue haired bitch to be my servant and the Red Dragons inner jewel of power if I win" Riser had an evil smirk on his face.

"Well, are you two ready to have a bet with him" Sirzechs could hear murmurs around the crowd. This bet was pretty huge.

You could see the hesitation in Issei's face as boosted gear was only thin that made him important in the devil society. But on remembering his trump card he felt that there was no way he could lose.

"I would love to bet with this bastard."

" Why should I bet with you, it an ancient tradition. Any guy can challenge the groom to fight for the bride's hand." You could see the tension on Risers face on failing to acquire a new plaything. " Of course I could indulge in betting if I could win something in the bet. Something like the Phenex blood essence in your veins" Naruto had played his cards now it was the time to wait for a good harvest.

Riser had an ugly expression on in face as if he was constipated. Phenex blood was what made him immortal if it was taken away he would turn into just another low-class devil.

Seeing conflict on Riser's face Naruto winked at Rias secretly.

Rias came closer to Rias and whispered sensually in his ears "I will be yours if you can beat him. All my power as the heir of the Gremory family would belong to you then." It was said greed and lust were the greatest sins and that is what she was targeting right now.

" Let us bet then"

A complicated look flashed on the face all the key devils like the Lucifer and Riser's father. This bet had gone out of proportions, such a bet hadn't been made in a long time.

"Well let him bet, even if he wins I have the power to force him to forgo the bet"Sirzechs had dark look in his eyes showing that he was up to no good.

"Then swear it on river Styx" Naruto had put out the bait now it was the time to reap the rewards.

"I swear it on River Styx that I will uphold my end of bet"Riser being the stupid devil he is, as he swore on river Styx without thinking much. His mind was clouded by lust and greed making him thoughtless.

Thunder could be herd as if the Deities acknowledged this bet.

Horror crossed over on Sirzechs face even on all the devils who had highest positions its society. They knew that now this Bet could not be altered or stopped now.

"Well, I will have to do some extensive damage control after this" Sirzechs murmured under his breath with a dark look on his face.

"Thank you for such a wonderful gift Riser. You'll never know what hit you" Naruto had happiness all over his face.

"I swear it on river Styx to uphold my end of bet"

"I swear it. On river Styx to uphold my end of bet"

Both Naruto said it loud and Devine thunder could be heard above even on hell showing the might of the promise made on river Styx

Grayfia again took control of the situation.

"Let us start the match, you will be teleported in 3…2…1"

Magic circles flashed beneath the three contestants and they were flashed to another dimension.

"Let me burn you two!" Riser gave out an evil laugh as he unleashed this trademark Phenex flames.

"Huh!" Elina gave a gentle laugh as she fired up an icy blue magic circle.
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    《The bastard is back A Naruto X Highschool DxD Fanfic》