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The bastard is back A Naruto X Highschool DxD Fanfic
Author :Akassassin
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5 Getting a new servan

As rias was getting ready for the party her gaze fell on the mirror in front of her. She could see her face set into a proper aristocratic face as it should be but cracks were forming on the mask, showing her true self. A girl trying to brave the storm ahead her, but failing to hold on.

"You know you can drop the mask when you are alone" came a voice behind her. So engrossed had she been in her melancholy that she failed to notice someone behind her.

"who let you in". She whirled herself into a standing position, facing him with and indigent face.

"I do not need someone else's permission to enter my own house" Naruto said with his trademark smirk.

"You were disowned bastard ! you…" before she could compete the sentence she found her back forcefully pushed against the wall with him lifting her hands above her head pressing against the wall.

"I don't like it when people call me a bastard, I tend to get angry." Naruto came closer staring right into her eyes. " And you can drop the spoilt princess act"

"what could you know? You bastard" she said as she squirmed under his gaze trying her utmost to push him away.

"I know that you train at night to become strong enough so that you can leave this family. I know that you even tried to run away once and got caught by the fallen when someone came to save you. I know that you were praying for him to save you again." Naruto said as a soft smile formed on his face his expression being leagues above the arrogant one he had before. " And here I am Red" he released her and hugs her softly.

" you… you came" his face was different his voice was different but his eyes were the same, the eyes that came in her mind whenever she felt like letting go giving her strength to hold on. He rubbed her head as she sobbed softly, Tears came gushing down her face staining his chest.

Why did you leave me? Why didn't you come before ? why wait till now ? she wanted to ask all these questions but only the three words came from her mouth " I love you". All of these questions did not matter as long as she loved him. All that matters is that he came back.

" I know" he said as his eyes moistened a little. " I knew this when I left but I had to go as I wasn't strong enough. But I am strong now." He said as he tightened his grip on her.

"You could have told me who you were, I would not tell anybody " came her muffed voice as her face was tightly pressed onto his chest.

"And you would try your best to find me and bring me back to the Gremory house. I know you too well Red "

"That I admit I would do" rias said with a blushing face.

"Let's get serious now" Naruto said as he releases her and makes her sit back on her bed.

"We have the problem of your marriage now. We have two options either you become my servant or I will have to fight your brother to stop the marriage and hide you some were safe for some time as he and your father are the instigators behind all this. The choice is yours" he said in a soft voice as it is a life turning decision for her. " I know you love your freedom and being my servant will take it all from you but this is the only way I can stop this marriage without showing my true power."

"Ill be your servant, if it was anybody else I would die rather than have my freedom taken away but you, I trust you with my life. And I want to help you, not be a burden to you." Rias replied with determinations shining in her eyes. " but how will you make me your servant you don't have the chess set?" she knew that because of her father and his friends Naruto did not get his own chess pieces to create his own peerage.

"how do you think the old devils handled their servants before the peerage system. My so called elder brother just modified the blood contact used by old devils to bound others as servants to generate a chess set that could do the same. He is just as Bigoted as your brother, he removed the blood contact from history books to take credit. I just digged a little bit and found the original blood contact method. Naruto said with a faint smile.

"OK, lets get on with it" rias said with a blushing face as after this she will become his forever.

A ornate knife appeared on his hand magically, he slashed his wrist as blood sprouted out. Rias looked horrified as he drew a circle made of blood around her. He closed on to her and kissed her brows and then using his Fingers created a magic circle on her with a infinity sign in the middle.

Will you Rias Gremory Daughter of Zeoticus gremory follow me till the end of me.


Do you give you accept that from now on your body, your soul will belong to me


"I Naruto Uzumaki promise to make you reach heights you have never imagined."

"I Naruto Uzumaki promise to love you till my last my last breath"

"Are you Rias Gremory willing to take me as your master"

"Yes master"
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    《The bastard is back A Naruto X Highschool DxD Fanfic》