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The bastard is back A Naruto X Highschool DxD Fanfic
Author :Akassassin
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4 Crashing a wedding

****************11 days later #events happen same as in cannon except that Asia is not there and Issei is a bigger Pervert than in cannon and tries to steal panties and bras of the girls irritating them immensely# Naruto's house****************

A group of 9 individuals were standing in front of him, backs straight, stiff postures, the correct posture for a soldier.

"Today you all are who are to accompany me to the wedding as the others are not ready for exposure right now, their discovery could cause a huge uproar, understand?" Naruto spoke with command.

"Sir yes sir!" came a loud reply from the group.

"At ease, we are now going to teleport there."

*************At the party*************

Just as Issei finished his loud proclamation that he was the one who would take Rias's virginity which caused many to make faces of disgust, even Rias felt disgusted and extremely embarrassed by the loud proclamation.

They were interrupted by a red magic circle appearing on the carpet and a green one appearing on the ceiling, both adorning the Gremory and Astaroth crests respectively. Both the magic circles came together in a clash merging into a pure black one hovering above the carpet from which a magnificent black dragon seemed appear roaring crating a loud roaring sound and caused vibrations to travel through them, scaring the shit out of most of the guests. The dragon receded, slowly fading away and a boy of about 19 years of age and nine other people whose faces were covered by hoods seemed to take its place.

As the awe and fear factor slowly receded, Riser asked loudly "Riser demands who tries to disrupt this auspicious event of Riser's wedding, state your task here!"

"We are here to crash this damn wedding!" Came an equally loud reply.

Aaaaand cut.

I know most of you will have this question: if Naruto doesn't have evil pieces then who are these people and how did he make Asia a devil.
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Well the answers is... I won't tell you, you will have to find out in the next. chapter ;-)
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    《The bastard is back A Naruto X Highschool DxD Fanfic》