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The bastard is back A Naruto X Highschool DxD Fanfic
Author :Akassassin
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3 Rekindling a flame of love

****Hyodou Residence - Issei POV****

Just as my hands reached her enormous, magnificent, beautiful, otherworldly, I just did not have enough words to describe the pinnacle of mankind before my mind, oppai. The thing I have gone lengths to see were staring at me jiggling slightly, as if encouraging me to touch them. A black magic circle appeared on the floor. A chill went through my spine even Rias shivered a bit. The room go a lot colder than before a blond boy no more than 19 appeared from it, the boy had blond locks spiking every direction giving him a rugged appearance.

"This magic circle... I haven't seen it before... Who is this boy? I had guessed that Grayfia would come." Rias who was on top of me started mumbling to herself.

"You know doing this won't stop Riser." The boy simply stated and this seemed to enrage Rias.

"Ah! Now I remember, you're the bastard who hasn't been seen in any devil meeting for the last 12 years. What business do you have here?" Rias exclaimed and got up, her oppai bouncing along with her, she simply dressed up again. I just lost it this boy had taken my precious oppai time from me I'll beat him up for this folly.

"Hey you! What are you doing here, you son of a bitch! You're taking my precious oppai time from me, just get lost and die!" I jumped from my bed and rushed to punch him. I could faintly hear Rias say "Oh no!" I thought she said so as she knew the guy was a goner when my punch would land. But later on, I would know how I had made a grave mistake that day.

*******************3rd Person POV - same time****************

Naruto had remained calm when the red head had called him bastard but his demeanor broke down when the lowly pawn called his mother a bitch. The fact his mother, the mother who sacrificed herself to save him had been called a bitch by this little shit just enraged him to no end. He lost control of his aura and flared it to its limit, thankfully it was his dormant stage, if it had been in the second state or more, the dickhead would have been incinerated then and there, but this still caused him to be pushed back with extreme force on the wall nearly making a man-sized hole in it. The room had reached freezing point, black ice started forming on the crest of his shoes and started expanding outwards. His aura had caused massive damage to the boy instantly knocking him down and he was sure most of the bones in his body would be damaged some even broken. The red head was on her knees breathing heavily, sweat trickling down her face. It was clear she wasn't faring very well so he receded his aura.

"I apologize for losing my temper like this, Miss Gremory." Naruto apologized sincerely, as he shouldn't have lost his temper like this, and that too due to the insults of a low-class devil.

"Hmph, you should apologize to my pawn over here, whom you injured so badly." Rias scoffed.

"Ah, over that topic I can outright kill him right now for insulting a high-class devil you know? But I'm not doing it as I have come in the stead of Lady Bael, it would not look good if I killed her daughter's only pawn... right?" asked a chuckling Naruto, who had quickly recomposed himself.

"Y-you... You dare insult me, the Lucifer's sister, are you out of your damn mind!" Rias clearly looked enraged.

"Who gives a damn if you are the sister of the God damn Lucifer, to me you are Rias just Rias." Rias flinched back in pain but Naruto who had spoken those words didn't even bat an eyelash.

"H-how?" asked a confused Rias as even the people of Gremory household got pain from invoking the God's name but this boy is clearly unaffected.

"It's simple, I just have high enough resistance to be unaffected by it."

Just before they could continue their conversation a blue magic circle lit up on the floor indicating the arrival of another devil.

"Yo, Gray it's been some time" Naruto greeted the familiar devil who came out of the circle.

"Yes, it has been Naruto." Grayfia greeted friendly. Grayfia was an extremely beautiful woman who had curves which could go ooon~ for miles. She simply was a seductress in a maid suit which made her look even more sexy in Naruto's opinion.

Rias on the other hand was blinking rapidly her face indicating extreme confusion. She could not understand the situation in front of her. Grayfia never greeted any one in a friendly way, like never ever, but here she was seeing her doing so.

"Greetings Rias-sama." see this is what she was talking about, she greets every one with a '-sama' suffix.

"Grayfia, why are you so friendly with Naruto?"

"Well you see, he was my boyfriend 2 years ago but we had decide to break up as he had to leave on a long journey, but he promised to patch up again when we met again so I was just happy at the thought of having my boyfriend back." Grayfia replied happily, but the one who should be listening had been knocked unconscious due to shock.

Naruto put his hand on Grayfia's waistline and pulled her closer.

"I never knew you loved me so much." Naruto purred in her ear.

"N-Naruto p-please, not here." who knew she would feel so weak on her knees. It just felt like a volcano was erupting within her as she remained in close proximity with him. Naruto released her with a large smirk on his face.

"As you wish, my lady, meet you at the wedding." Naruto bowed before vanishing the same way he came.
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    《The bastard is back A Naruto X Highschool DxD Fanfic》