The Wuxia Phone
48 The Sleeping Beauty
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The Wuxia Phone
Author :Immortal_Overlord
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48 The Sleeping Beauty


"Lin Kun, it's about your daughter" The First Elder said as he walk in the office with a solemn face.

"What happened!?" Lin Kun asked the First Elder in a scared voice.

"In three days, if we can't cure her by that time, she will die. Her body can't continue living off fake food while being asleep, our medical intelligence is too limited" The First Elder said in a sad voice.

Lin Kun breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that "Don't worry about the cure, we already have it" He showed the Lotus to the First Elder.

"What is that, Lin Kun?" The First Elder asked him.

"This is the Disappearing Lotus, the cure for my daughter" Lin Kun said simply.

"T-The Disappearing Lotus!?" The First Elder exclaimed.

"Yes, with this we can finally heal her" Lin Kun said as he wiped a tear coming from his eyes.

"But how did you get it?" The First Elder asked him.

"Brother Michael here gave it to me" He said as he pointed at Michael.

"Brother?" Michael asked him confusingly.

"Yes, from now on you are my sworn brother!" Lin Kun said proudly.

"Thanks... I guess?" Michael said, not sure of what to do.

"Great for you, isn't it Lad?" The First Elder said to Michael.


"Now, let's go to the Grand Elder's house, to refine this herb into pills" Lin Kun said as he walked towards the door.


Grand Elder's House


After arriving, the first thing that Lin Kun did is talk to the Grand Elder.

Lin Kun and the Grand Elder is having a conversation about the Disappearing Lotus, while Michael is eating some of the Grand Elder's food.

"This is pretty delicious, ya know" Michael said as he ate a part of the full body turkey.

"Your pretty shameless, aren't you lad" The First Elder said as he look at Michael eating the foods of other people.

"It's always more delicious to eat free food than the ones you buy" Michael said shamelessly.

"You may be right, but that's the Grand Elder's food, lad" The First Elder deadpanned.

"Don't worry, everything is gonna be alright" Michael said in a carefree voice.

The First Elder was about to say something, when Lin Kun and the Grand Elder walked towards them.

"I'm gonna refine the herb into pills. It's gonna take awhile before I finish refining it, please make yourself at home" The Grand Elder said.

"How much time is it gonna take?" Michael asked the Grand Elder.

"Around 3 to 4 Hours" The Grand Elder replied.

"Okay, we'll wait here" Lin Kun said to the Grand Elder.

The Grand Elder nodded before he entered the alchemy room and started refining the Disappearing Lotus into alchemy pills.

-4 Hours Later-

The Grand Elder came out of the alchemy room with 3 pills in his hand.

"As expected of the Grand Elder, 3 pills in such a small amount of ingredients, truly a genius in alchemy" Lin Kun praised the Grand Elder.

"I'm flattered that you think that way, Sect Master, but I am not that talented in alchemy, in some parts of the Empire I'm just an ordinary alchemist" The Grand Elder said in a humble voice.

"Hahahaha, maybe you're right" Lin Kun laughed.

"Let us give this to Little Fen, Sect Master" The Grand Elder said.

"Yeah, it's been a long time since I have talk to her, just a little more, Lin Fen" Lin Kun said to himself with a sense of longing.

"Let's go, Sect Master" Michael said as he look at Lin Kun with a knowing look.



At The Sect Master's Mansion
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The Mansion look like something straight out of CGI movie, the walls look like they've been cleaned by a pro wall cleaner, it was all shiny and glittery.

Michael and the others walked inside the hallway of the Mansion before they reached the room of Lin Fen, Lin Kun's daughter.

They entered the room and saw a girl no older than 15, laying in bed peacefully like she was just sleeping.

When Michael first saw her, he was instantly engulfed by her beauty. Long pink hair, smooth white skin, cute small face, small fluffy lips. She was just like the sleeping beauty.

"Lin Kun, you are the father, so you are the one who's gonna feed her the pill" The Grand Elder said solemnly.

"Yes, I know" Lin Kun walk towards his daughter and put the pill in her mouth.

The Pill dissolve inside her mouth before entering her throat.

Her eyes began to twitch before it slowly opened.

"Lin Fen, how are you feeling?" Lin Kun couldn't believe his eyes, that the daughter he was so use to see sleeping is finally waking up.

She tried to get up but her body is too weak, so Lin Kun helped her.

When she got up she tried to speak to them but her throat was too dry. She gestured to her father that she needed a drink.

"Grand Elder! Give me something to drink!" Lin Kun ordered him.

"Yes, Sect Master!" He saluted and went out of the room to get some water.

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    《The Wuxia Phone》