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The Legend of Dragons - Amongst the Strongest
Author :27dtorres27
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10 ? Chapter 0009

|March 19, 2019 - Tuesday|

|Chapter Title: The Fourth Prince of the South (1)|


I walked out of my courtyard.

The maids have informed me that I'll be going to Emerald Palace since it was where the fourth prince was currently stationed at. Hence, why the emperor agreed with I meeting the fourth prince at the Bird Rift Pavilion in the first place. I was also informed that I'll be dinning for lunch with the fourth prince and spend more time to get to know him. As I've expected before, they must have been working on the agreement for an alliance with the use of marriage.

Let's see what present awaits me when I get there. Four of my maidservants followed closely behind me as two of them were murmuring something. If it's something not of importance they won't have the courage to talk about it openly, specially not when I'm present. And maybe my ears were too sharp to listen to them even if I don't want to.

"Are you sure that our ladyship is betrothed to the fourth prince of the South? Wouldn't that become a sinister-like marriage?"

"What are you talking about? They could become the greatest couple in entire kingdom you know, even greater than the crown prince and his consort, or the second prince and his wife."

"But the princess' happiness should matter, after all, she is the only female grandchild of the Emperor that's left with noble blood, striking appearance, a down to earth personality, and a woman who possess prodigal knowledge. Why must she be in pair of his highness? It's such a waste ah"

"Why are you saying such? The fourth prince, his highness ain't that bad either. According to the rumours, the prince already held the highest position in military when he was barely eleven years old and he was also proclaimed as a genius in the southern territories."

"You're leaving the bad parts in purpose! Rumours said that the fourth prince was born with a monstrous face that's why he wears a fox's mask at all times. And there were lots of testimonials that he is the god of death, and that he smells horrible!"

"But the miss isn't perfect too! So don't exaggerate things, don't you know how cold hearted our miss was... she always declined invitations from other young masters, so it's only fair that the emperor made the decision himself."

"Shhhhhh, her highness might hear us"

My maidservants squealed in disgust as they've chirped enough details to harm the prince's reputation. No matter what I hear from other people, I must not believe it, not until I saw it with my own two eyes. Rumours are only rumours, and they will remain as a nonsense basis of a boredom talk. My pace wasn't hurried and it wasn't slowed either.


We've already reached the connecting bridge of the palace that signifies that the main entrance is nearing. Fishes swim in pond that's full of colours, while birds sing from the trees pleasantly. The wind blew softly, but a burning stare awakened the alarms inside of me. How can someone stare at me from afar like this? Too identical from how I've felt when I was taking a bath earlier. Could it be that the person who's starring at me right now was the same person that I have not encountered earlier? I wanted to turn and look for someone suspicious, but I'm refraining to do so.

If that person is the same as the sneaky bastard who pranked on my earlier, well then that person wouldn't be someone simple. His martial arts would be a level above me or on my level. The courtyard was heavily guarded and for that person to sneak in, it must be someone with power and access. The more that I need to avoid that I'm noticing that person's every more, especially now that I don't have a clue on that person's identity. Plus I don't want to entangle myself to someone that doesn't need to know of my good capabilities.

Two male guards stepped out.

Both of them have swords tightly strapped on their waistbands which is somehow odd.

Were they facing assassinations lately?

The two of them bowed in front of me, while I observed the lovestruck expressions that my maidservants gave towards the guards. I nodded in response.

"Greetings to the princess, his highness is waiting for you at the pavilion, he said once you arrive you must directly go there alone. And he strictly instructed that no one should bother you and him when you get in. Accordingly, his highness also wished that the princess would be so considerate that she'll let no maidservant accompany her to tend to her highness' needs." I nodded as I dismissed my maidservants and send them back to my courtyard.

As I entered the palace, the steps that I'm taking was full of uneasiness and doubts. My body shivered under the impression of someone who's watching me like a hawk in disguise. The fragrance in the air was uncommon to the scents that each palace should represent, it was soothing, but too soothing that makes me a little bit agitated and drowsy. I was all alone after all, now all I need to do is follow the instructions that was laid to me. I just need get to the pavilion and find him there.

Suddenly I heard a flick.

I became so cautious that I almost hit the presence of someone behind me, killing intent unrestrictedly flowed out of my body as I turn around. I was met to face a broad chest.

I intentionally planned to move a couple of steps back, but an arm was carefully draped on my waist, securely trapping me. I didn't move my hand and stood still. I'm not used to this type of proximity wherein I can inhale the same air that the man was breathing. It's rather too uncomfortable.

"Little fox, where do you think you're going?" A husky voice came from the lips of the man making me more stiff.


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