The Dungeon Horde
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The Dungeon Horde
Author :Moonsshadow666
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Two days after the scan a group of around thirty soldiers and four groups of adventurer teams were standing outside the dungeon. The team's of adventurer groups all had a team name the first group was a C rank team known as the Blood Gorgers their team was very balanced it had an archer a spear user a shield user and the reason for their name a blood mage.The second was Adam Lauren and Zack thier adventurer party name was Scout while not flashy it shows what they specialize in.The third was a group of five named Shank they had three dagger user's and two archers they specialize in ambushes. The last was a D rank party named Monster Chef they have five members a dagger user a sword and shield user a archer a earth mage and a brawler. The army team was composed of six types of soldiers there were archers in the sixth row gunmen in the fifth row mage type ability users in the forth row enemy detecting and buff ability users in the third row the second row was spear users and the first row had three shield users and two sword and shield users.General Goldrung stood before the team's "I am General Goldrung we hired you adventurers for two reasond to protect our flanks you are to stop any ambushes we'd encounter and to keep our soldiers alive I will be coming with you to command the soldiers this is a training exercise as the dungeon only has seven floors but this dungeon has displayed a rapid level of growth we fear it will reach twenty floors next month".The General sighed "we have a theory that if we destroy the dungeon core the growth will slow down we must test this theory because if this dungeon gets to twenty floors and breaks we will be in deep shit so we must succeed but first we are going to measure the dungeon again since it has been two days since we last measured it". The soldiers carried over a machine the machine looked like a generator but had a large screen on top of it with a keyboard the soldiers went on activating the machine ten minutes later the five soldiers faces were pale. General Goldrung walked over "what's wrong is the dungeon scanner damaged" one of the soldiers stood up straight saluting " no sir it's just the number of floors increased we were running the machine again to see if it was an error but" Goldrung checked the screen it said there were 9 floors. Meanwhile inside the dungeon Anthony sat in the boss room with Scarlett who had been all alone but Anthony brought a surprise from literally having his invaded by monsters since he first got scanned his insomnia came in handy for once he earned a total of 36000 dp and a shit ton of new monster's by doing it back to back he currently had 28000 dp.Scarlett had weaved herself a new dress which looked beautiful on her Anthony grinned crazily "so Scarlett i got a surprise just for you have some sisters". Anthony smiled the bags under his eye's giving him a crazed look as he spent 6000 dp buying three more Arachne they each appeared in succession the first to appear had a green exoskeleton tan skin and black hair with emerald eyes the second was black with black hair dark skin and brown eyes the last Arachne was pure white with sickly pale skin snow like hair and sapphire blue eye's they all stared at each other.Anthony gave each a once over "miss white Arachne shall be Elsa the green miss will be Clover and the black beauty shall be Raven" they each glowed Clover gained the ability silkwork silkwork increases the durability protection and the effects of magical enchantments on anything made with silk by the user. Anthony smiled Elsa has gained the skill summon familiar allows the user to summon help in the form of monster closest to the user Raven has gained the skill intimidating roar the user lets out a roar declaring dominance boosts allies abilities and decreases enemies defense and attack. Elsa Clover and Raven stare at Anthony as their faces turn red "you beast how can you name three different girls you just met have you no shame" Clover yelled Anthony looks at Scarlett confusion clearly on his face but the atmosphere changes as Anthony stands up looking at the screen that appeared 48 humans have invaded your dungeon Anthony had a serious look on his face "girls 48 people have just invaded the dungeon I'm leaving this floor to you while i prepare a surprise for them"all four nod. Anthony teleports to his current area of living on the the second floor entrance he orders all goblins, skeletons, hobgoblins and living armors to gather on the second floor along with his newly bought kobolds and trolls. The trolls are 10 foot tall monsters with green to blue skin they have low intelligence but super strength and usually have moss growing all over their bodies they usually wield large wooden logs as clubs or spears to fight. Anthony waits as they all gather.Anthony has the one of the trolls move a rock so he has a seat he sits down opening the observation screen showing military soldiers and a very familiar adventurer team "the army is invading me fuck i thought I'd just heal normally but fuck that its the army" Anthony takes out the health potion "this better work" he pours a little on his shoulders stiches steam comes off his shoulder as it closes up at a visible pace. Anthony turns to the screen watching ad Adam and Lauren lead them around the arrow trap once they reach the river they look in the water seeing a giant swarm of blood piranhas staring right back at them like they're dinner Zack swears one of them licked their lips at him.Anthony smiles cause earlier he placed two blood piranha nests on each aquatic cavern floor also they are really close to his bullet turtle nests which he placed four on every floor from 1 to 4 he also got a new trump card to cut down their force's if they still try to take his core but thats for later. Anthony watches as they do something he completely didn't expect a earth mage used his ability to slowly create a walkway through the water Anthony quietly grumbles about how they're cheaters and this is bullshit as they slowly make their way across.Anthony turns around seeing that all the monsters he called had gathered around him he looked towards the hobgoblins apparently they hated how they were forced to submit apparently they were on a mission when they were teleported here.The hobgoblins classes were a rogue two warriors one archer and a water mage the rogue and mage are female they actually dont look too bad compared to human standards but they had to prove their worth unlike bosses which he knew were powerful the normal monsters had to prove themselves like Slugnerock he went beyond expectations by showing his loyalty by being the first to fight and hold off the powerful mountain creeper brood mother.Anthony smiled they had made it passed the river and were heading over to the second floor while passing piles of rusted metal one of the military officers slowly becomes aware of the increasing amount of rusted piles they pass that somethings weird they hadn't been attacked by any monsters yet which is beyond odd. General Goldrung ordered the detection squad to use their abilities while they take a break the detection squad does as ordered when they slowly walk over to the general "sir we're being surrounded and theres no way out but forward" Goldrung frowned "where are the monsters soldier" the soldier slowly turns him towards one of the rusted piles.The general's thoughts started going a mile per minute if they have us surrounded why are they not attacking us there are two possibilities one they are waiting for their leader basically a variant of the same species or they are being controlled by something far stronger the general shuddered at the thought.Anthony grinned as he noticed thier expressions and their now hurried movements they rushed into the the second floor entrance what they saw next terrified them an army of multiple monster's and one man sitting calmly on a rock his eye's lock with theirs Anthony smiles "so how was my dungeons first floor.


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