The Dungeon Horde
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The Dungeon Horde
Author :Moonsshadow666
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Anthony smiled "your name is Scarlett" the Arachne glowed a screen appeared Arachne has become a named monster and will receive a random skill Scarlett gained the skill 'Scythe arts'.Scarlett stopped glowing shooting a glare at Anthony "you named me after the color of my hair what is wrong with you" Anthony shrugs "well I think it suits you and you be happy your my third named monster system show me the scythes i can afford".Confirmed a screen pops up bronze scythe 50 dp iron scythe 150 dp steel scythe 300 dp silver scythe 400 dp gold scythe 600 dp sky iron scythe 1000 dp Mythril scythe 2000 dp diamond scythe 3000 dp Anthony sighs "In that case please buy the gold scythe for 600 dp" confirmed you now have 2920 dp. Anthony watches as the golden scythe appears the scythe is 7 feet tall and it's blade is 3 feet long Anthony marveled at how big it was it was effortlessly grabbed out of the air by Scarlett who swings it around checking it's balance she nods showing her approval. Anthony snaps and the dungeon core appears in his hands through some tests Anthony had learned that the core acts like a body part he can summon it to him anywhere in the dungeon he can even shrink and grow it though it'll only shrink to the size of a baseball and grow to the size of a basketball.Anthony grinned"there's one more thing i need to do system buy the mountain floor for the next two floors"confirmed here are your layout choices option one a very steep hill with rock outcrops tree's and dense vegetation providing a lot of cover for ambushes it was a simple and but good option the second was like a cliff face it had rock jutting out for foot holds but not enough for humans to fight normally the third option was a snow covered it had super slippery rocks and there was a special feature to this option a small chance for an avalanche to occur but overall it looked like a mountain that you could probably ski on. Anthony was very interested in the third floor but it didn't really have any cover you could see the monsters coming from a mile away so he decided to save that option for his next floor so he chose in order the first option for the sixth floor and the second option on the seventh floor. Anthony stretched as he placed his three mountain creeper young nests on the sixth floor along with the mountain creeper family he now had 920 dp left he teleported into the mountain creeper young nest which was a burrow under a rock instead of dug into a wall the mountain creeper family was already there the brood mother gave him a once over then returned to caring for her young Anthony placed his pallet of blankets in one corner and put his core in the wall for a light he laid down for the happy with his dungeons growth.Outside the dungeon five men in military uniforms frowned at the machine they were currently surrounding a soldier ran over to a nearby truck"General Goldrung sir the readings are clear the dungeon has stopped growing for now but at the rate of it's growth it'll be a twenty floor dungeon next month"Goldrung "so its as we feared have any monsters exited the dungeon and how many floors does it have" the soldier"our readings indicate that the dungeon now has seven floors and no monsters have exited the dungeon sir".The general sighed "call the adventurers guild and ready some of our own ability users we have to take care of this dungeon soon if the readings are correct we need to stop its growth immediately" the soldier salutes "sir yes sir".Morning came and Anthony woke up to a screen warning warning dungeon has been scanned high chance of a invasion force approaching "well shit system do you have any idea when they'll arrive"negative Anthony sighed "how much is it to use the gacha" standard gacha costs 550 dp per ten capsules plus three extra capsules cause for three extra capsules impending invasion. Anthony smiled "use the gacha" he put his hands together and prayed as it spun thirteen capsules five bronze capsules four silver capsules three gold capsules and finally one purple capsule the five bronze capsules popped open to reveal three mist walkers and one iron spear and a set of leather armor. Anthony crossed his fingers the four silver capsules popped open to reveal one ghost warrior nest one thunder goat one gold sword and one zombie warrior Anthony happy with his rewards so far watched the gold capsules pop open one kobold chieftain one needle wolf nest one large health potion the purple capsule bursts open revealing.


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