The Dungeon Horde
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The Dungeon Horde
Author :Moonsshadow666
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Anthony sent all the monsters to their original posts he put all the remaining new monster's on the second floor to wait for their posts on the new floors.Anthony smiled and selected one more aquatic cavern floor the same as the previous floor he decided to worry about monsters after placing his floors so he continued on to the boss floor at the fifth floor but something weird happened he was not able to choose the floor type yet he first had to summon a boss.The way to summon a boss was actually a marble lottery game which cost 1000 dp for each spin or you could spend more dp for a better chance at a stronger boss Anthony who had finally had it screamed in anger "WHY IS THIS SHIT SO EXPENSIVE HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO AFFORD THIS SHIT WHAT THE FUCK SYSTEM".Anthony was so mad that he couldn't see straight almost all the new monster's he gained were expensive as hell and now the system wanted him to pour his dp into getting a stronger boss how do low level dungeons even survive when every decent monster you get requires thousands of dp per nest.The marbles color determines how strong the boss is the colors from least power to most were white, red, purple, orange, and finally gold.Anthony would honestly be happy if he even got red but his luck stat is his strongest stat so he put 2000 dp into the lottery praying for mercy from the system and he spun the wheel a red marble popped out his eye's lit up the marble shook turning into dust. Congratulations you've unlocked the boss monster Arachne and the floor type spider nest "I got a new floor type too sweet system show me how much dp an Arachne costs".Arachne 2000 dp for one 20000 for a nest system note nests for boss monsters are a huge investment since they are primarily used for a safe place to heal their wounds also some species of boss monster are all of a single gender example all Arachne are female but they increase your boss monster's happiness which boosts their fighting ability. Anthony smiled i finally got a boss monster but its gonna cost me 5000 dp in total to set the floor up Anthony feels a sense of loss as he buys the floor and boss taking his dp from 8240 to 2240 thats when he remembers he's completed one of his missions. Anthony "system show me my missions" confirmed the screen pops up congratulations you've completed two missions"two i thought i only completed one show me my rewards". Rewards for fist mission 2000 dp and three low level monster nests rewards for your hidden mission one average level monster nest Anthony grinned "sweet make the two low level monster nests icy bats place them on the forth floor. make the other low level monster nest will be for the three vine snakes I currently have place it near them so they dont have to go far make the average level monster nest will be a frost guardian nest place that on the forth floor as well"confirmed. Anthony really liked the frost guardian's they were completely made of ice and looked like heavily armoured knights they could cast ice magic and usually wielded a long sword and tower shield Anthony happily spent 720 dp to buy two and place them in the nest leaving him with 3520 dp.Anthony was currently confused as to what to do with his newly acquired skeletons and living armors they are great monsters but he dosent really have a floor type that fits them he sighs then walks out of the warthogs nest "time to meet my new boss monster system teleport me to the boss room" confirmed light engulfs Anthony sending him to the boss floor.Anthony thought the boss floor would be like a arena but it was like a system of caves the roof and walls of the cave were covered in spider webs"looks perfect for a spider nest floor but are these webs as flammable as they look?".Negative the webs of spiders evolved when they became monsters you can now think of them as akin to wire's of whatever metal matches thier strength level some spider type monsters even secrete different metals as string for their webbing "well now I've got even more monsters i want".Anthony continued walking through the maze of caves when he heard a very feminine voice call "almost there" from the cave to his right"I didn't expect the boss to be able to speak" Anthony muttered to himself she heard him though "what a rude thing to say" Anthony arrived at the spot it said she'd be but she wasn't there when he looked around so he sat down "come out I'd really like to meet my first boss".Anthony watched as a giant spider crawled down form the ceiling but it had had a female human body attached to the top of the her head it had four eyes where the spiders head was and four eyes on her face she had no eyebrows and long red hair her hands were covered in an exoskeleton making her have claws she had blood red eyes.The Arachne looked confused "wait I'm your first boss that can't be right I'm strom rank I should at least be your fourth boss" Anthony shrugged "well last time i checked I have a 31 in my luck stat" the Arachne frowned showing her sharp teeth "so why are you here master" she growled obviously upset at being the first boss Anthony smiled "I'm here to name you and hoestly I have the perfect name in mind".


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