The Dungeon Horde
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The Dungeon Horde
Author :Moonsshadow666
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Congratulations you've unlocked the epic tier monster Savage Jaguar Anthony jumped up and down in joy "I finally have a monster that I can entrust the dungeon cores protection to how much dp did we get system" you have received 1200 dp.Anthony stopped jumping "wait thats all that was an epic teir monster how the hell am i supposed to grow the dungeon if all i get from killing an epic tier monster 1200 dp how much is the savage jaguar" 900 dp for one 9000 dp for a nest. Anthony sat down all the happiness from a moment ago gone "I know it's an epic monster but 9000 dp for a nest is awful I can't even imagine how much an elite or boss monster costs damn it I currently have 1310 dp right so what's the chance i get another epic or even an elite monster".Anthony sighs "please summon another invader"Anthony puts his hands together praying for good luck the entrance lights up and through the entrance comes four suits of armor one holding a sword and shield one holding a great axe one holding a bow with three quivers of arrows on it's back the last one was holding a glave the last one was different from it's three allies in that it had dark purple plume of feathers on the back of it's head.Anthony recognized these monsters immediately living armors they are one of the most renowned monster's because they have been known to hide by acting like decorations and they usually succeed leading to deadly surprise attacks. Anthony knew these monsters should be around average rank he smiled and sent Yang and his goblins along with the icy bats to provide backup to deal with the living armors but. just as he was about to attack the four armors knelt down.Invading monsters living armors wish to join your dungeon Anthony momentarily shocked he shook himself out of it and hastily agreed he stationed the living armors to patrol around the second floor. Congratulations you've unlocked the average monster living armor and the an almost evolved captain armor.Anthony happy to have his own troop of knights smiled "what can i do to evolve the captain armor" the system recommends naming it or slowly letting it gain experience"the second option will depend on the type of invader I'll let it fight".Anthony ordered another invader this time a group of black praying mantises there were a total of ten of them they looked around then hopped into the forest. Anthony smiled as he bought a savage jaguar placing it at the entrance to the second floor as the jaguar appears it looks towards the forest its tail waves around wildly crushing several innocent tree's then it lets out a roar as if to declare itself king.Anthony grinned "show me that your worth every thing we had to do to take you down" the jaguar roars as it charges into the tree's the screen showing every action it takes.Thanks to the system's ability to always know where invaders are in the dungeon the jaguar basically just went on a murderous stroll through the area mantis bodies were carelessly tossed around and smashed Anthony sighed "i need stronger tree's".Congratulations you've unlocked the average monster reaper mantis "sweet next" the entrance lights up again this time fifty skeletons entered the dungeon there was only one who looked unique he had rusted armor on and a large great sword that looked brand new it's skull had red flames in both it's eye sockets.Anthony didn't even hesitate"jaguar destroy them if they don't submit" the jaguar tore through twenty of them when the armored skeleton and the other skeletons knelt down submitting to the dungeons control shocking Anthony a second time since this was the second time a monster he didn't expect to have intelligence displayed it. Anthony did this ten more times when the last time he planned to do it thirty goblins and five hobgoblins came through the entrance the goblins looked around in a panic while the five hobgoblins started cursing one even fell to their knees.Anthony tilted his head at the goblins panicked expressions "system send Yang and his goblins see if those guys will join the dungeon if not send the jaguar and living armors to wipe them out.The goblins and hobgoblins started discussing what to do when Yang and his thirteen goblins walked out of the woods he sat down wait for the hobgoblins to come to him he sat on a freshly made stump provided by the savage jaguar whose roar would be heard every now and then as it traveled through the woods.Anthony watched the hobgoblins meet and talk with Yang for a while every now and the biggest hobgoblin would get upset and punch the ground which would trigger the guards Anthony sent which were the living armors to periodically stand up which silenced the hobgoblin.Anthony tired of waiting sent Yang a message tell them either submit or die it's getting late and I want to add some new floors and place my newly acquired monsters Yang delivered the message which caused the hobgoblins to curse as the savage jaguar walked out looking at the goblins like they were new toys. Anthony grinned as all the goblins immediately kneeled down submiting the hobgoblins sighed doing the same Yang smiled and led them to their new posts Anthony turned his attention to his dp which had inflated from 410 dp to 8280 dp monsters dp costs.

Skeleton 30 dp to summon one 300 for a nest

Skeleton captain 340 dp for one 3400 for a nest

Reaper mantis 270 dp for one 2700 dp for a nest

Living armor 230dp for one 2300 dp for a nest

Living armor captain 540 dp for one 5400 dp for a nest

Hobgoblin 300 dp for one 3000 dp for a nest

Rust golem 470 dp for one 4700 dp for a nest

Blood wolf 130 dp for one 1300 dp for a nest

Orc 80 dp for one 800 dp for a nest

Orc warrior 570 dp for one 5700 dp for a nest

Ice hawk 290 dp for one 2900 for a nest

Mythril ant 370 dp for one 3700 dp for a nest

Solar lizard 200 dp for one 2000 for a nest

Frost guardian 360 dp for one 3600 dp for a nest

Crumbling sentry 340 dp for one 3400 dp for a nest

Shadow wraith 440 dp for one 4400 dp for a nest

Killer mannequin 40 dp for one 400 dp for a nest.

Anthony almost cried from the prices


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