The Dungeon Horde
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The Dungeon Horde
Author :Moonsshadow666
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The savage jaguar kept playing around with the puddle when it's tail slams into one of the trees snapping the tree like a twig. Anthony grimaced "ok i take back ever doubting it was a Epic rank monster that power is insane system be honest can i defeat this monster if not I'm pulling all the monsters to this cave we can at least limit its area of movement and deal some damage to it".System believes ye have little faith in your monsters your ambush should be enough to deal with the savage jaguar. Anthony blinked "did you just show some personality or am I hearing shit you know what nevermind i dont care right now are you sure the ambush will work" confirmed there is a 78% chance it will work"then send one runed stegosaurus to each side for reinforce the ambush. Anthony watched as the jaguar slowly approached the second floor entrance the savage jaguar looked around seeing the area was abandoned the only life it saw was the monsters in the river it was as if it owned its own little world. Anthony watched as the savage jaguar pranced around "system is there anyway to get this savage jaguar to submit to the dungeons control I'd love to have one just wonder around my floors it'd be like having your own wondering boss monster" it is possible if you hurt it enough it could submit.Anthony sent up a prayer that the savage jaguar would submit the screen showing as the jaguar jumps through the stairway to the second floor it looks around seeing its setup just like the previous.The jaguar casually walks towards the trees as soon as it steps into the tree line three goblins jump from the tree's and land on it's back driving three wooden spears into its back the jaguar roars and slams it's body into a tree throwing the goblins off it.The jaguar swings its tail at the nearest goblin and swipes at another with its huge paw the two goblins scramble to get up but the jaguar is too fast its tail leaving a crater with the crushed goblins body at the bottom of it its claws sever the the other goblin into three separate pieces.The last goblin makes a mad dash towards the other monster's the jaguar charges through the trees after the goblin which dives into a bush the jaguar swings its blood covered tail at the bush the bush offers no resistance as it's smashed the jaguar looks in the crater but there's no body confused it paws at the rubble.The goblin had actually already dived from under the bush to behind a tree the jaguar growled in frustration it turned around to see two stegosauruses charging towards it.The jaguar raises its tail ready to swing when one of the plates on both the stegosauruses backs starts glowing yellow their speed increasing drastically as they ram the jaguar before it can attack sending it rolling into a tree which snaps at the force of the jaguar slamming into it.The jaguar stands up furious about the sneak attack it's 9 inch jet black claws extend from it's paws it's eyes become bloodshot and it's mace like tail starts glowing red.Anthony watched the battle on the edge of his seat Warning savage jaguar has entered a berserk state "yeah i sort of noticed that's it charge with everything we have we gotta stop it before it destroys my dungeon" order confirmed.The jaguar raises it's tail getting ready to smash the stegosauruses in one blow when tons of wooden spears were thrown from the tree's by the goblins an ice spear impales the jaguar's front right paw. Anthony grins "the wooden spears don't do much damage but they are enough of a distraction that the icy bat lord can throw a few of its own spears" Anthony flinched when the jaguar's paw got impaled remembering his own experience with that kind of pain. The jaguar lets out a deafening roar in pain and rage as it searches for the icy bat lord its tail slamming into tree's recklessly knocking the goblins off trees left and right when a large bear tackles the jaguar its eyes brown and fur black its half the size of the jaguar but it's strength is monstrous Yang is behind it casting buffs and debuffs.Yang pissed from watching as his goblin breatheren are getting thrown around like playthings he casts strength and speed buffs on his bear along with defense speed and strength debuffs on the jaguar.The bear slashes at the jaguar its claws digging into the jaguar's side leaving four long gashes on its side the jaguar's wounds look severe but since it's entered berserk state it's wounds don't hinder it the jaguar swings it's wounded paw at the bear smacking the bear making it slide back a couple yards.The jaguar's claws left deep gashes on the bears chest both delivered a blow but the bear's wound was worse then the jaguar's the bear roared showing it's determination to beat the jaguar the bear charges back in biting into the jaguar's throat and slashing at the jaguar with it's claws.The jaguar roars in pain as it swipes at the bear the two stegosauruses slam their spiked tails into the jaguar's back right legs knee as a ice spear slams into the back of the jaguar's head killing it as the spear go's through its skull and into its brain.


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