The Dungeon Horde
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The Dungeon Horde
Author :Moonsshadow666
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Helen smiles "well your gonna be happy with this here's your reward for delivering this information" Helen pulls out a mission paper "we were hoping you'd be able to take this mission but since you can't right now come back in two weeks when you can take it oh and grab your self some lunch from the restaurant its on the guild master".Anthony stood outside the guild his stomach full for the first time in a couple months he had a large bacon cheeseburger with some fries and a order of chicken tenders Anthony slowly made his way to the gate feeling bloated. Anthony entered the forest without much issue on his way back he saw something that looked like a blue crocodile basking near the lake's edge the crocodile was 4 feet wide 3 feet tall 12 feet long.The crocodiles teeth and claws looked like they were made of blue crystal it's eye's were grey almost like it was blind.Anthony quickly used appraisal Aquatic Crystal Croc young the Aquatic Crystal Croc is known for its water magic and it's fierce melee attacks they usually attack by ambush. Anthony watch's from a distance as it lazily basks in the sun then a huge Aquatic Crystal Croc surfaces at the edge it's at the least triple the size of the other Crystal Croc and slowly climbs out of the water joining the smaller Crystal Croc in basking. Anthony quickly decides to give up on trying to kill one at least until he can kill a low level boss monster with relative ease he sneaks past the crocs heading towards his dungeon.Anthony teleported to the core immediately after entering the dungeon as he relaxed "system how many monsters do i have" you currently have 23 goblins, 7 metal rays, 20 blood piranhas, 3 zombies, 3 vine snakes, 10 vampiric leaches, 5 thunder eels, 18 mountain creeper young, 8 iron warthogs, 1 mountain creeper brood mother, 1 icy bat lord, 1 runed stegosaurus, 1 hobgoblin shaman, 1 acid slug.Anthony grinned "its almost like I have an army under my control system how much dp do i have again" you currently have 710 dp "I'd like to buy two icy bat nests and and ten icy bats place all of them on the third floor and move the mountain creepers to the second floor" confirmed you have 110 dp remaining. "Now all i can do is wait for an invader unless the system has a way to get more monsters to invade my dungeon" system does have a way but the invaders will always be random meaning the system could summon a elite monster or even a boss level monster your dungeon will have a hard time if either of these two options appear. "Well that is harsh but I have got to get more dp soon system explain how I use this function" confirmed you can use this option anytime "activate that option system we need dp to grow"confirmed. A white light engulfed the dungeon entrance as a large jaguar entered the dungeon the jaguar was 8 feet tall and 18 feet long on the end of its tail it had a large spike ball that looks like a mace it let out a roar as it charges into the wooded area around the river. Invader detected alert alert a savage jaguar has invaded the dungeon Anthony sat there mouth gaping as the jaguar charged into the forest "shit is my luck stat just for show". The screen zoomed in as the jaguar slowed down silently stalking through the area Anthony summoned his runed stegosaurus and the dungeons stegosaurus and had them guard the iron warthogs nest which he is currently inside his face grim.Anthony sighs "round up all the goblins, zombies, and iron warthogs and form an ambush in the forested areas around the entrance of the second floor we have to ambush that thing it's our only chance. Anthony watches as the jaguar peers into the river it swats at the water a few times making its paw wet it growls in discomfort as it waves its paw shaking the water off "system what is the savage jaguars combat strength at" the savage jaguar is a epic level monster "system please explain to me how the monster strength system works" confirmed.

Low monsters are goblins, slimes, spike balls basically easily handled monsters.

Average monsters are icy bat lords, mountain creepers, hobgoblins these types of monsters usually lead low monster groups.

Epic monsters are savage jaguar, aquatic crystal crocodile, that loud roar you heard in the forest from that bug type monster was probably a epic monster.

Elite monsters are monsters like a lich, cerberus, gorgans these type of monsters usually live in groups.

Rare monsters are monsters that are a variant of a normal monster rare monsters are way stronger then their normal monster brethren and usually lead an entire group of their own species then there are Boss monsters which have their own ranks."What are the boss monster ranks, their ranks are based on how much damage they can do to a country for an example a elder dragon is Disaster rank here are the ranks.

Slaughter ranks can do large damage to a small town.

Storm ranks can destroy all the small towns in their area and do some damage to a fortified city.

Disaster ranks can bring entire cities to their knees.

Cataclysm rank known for their terrifying powers they can extinguish all human life in an entire state they are the main reason the humans on earth were almost wiped out.

Apocalypse rank just about every dungeon break is caused by them they are the reason monsters wont disappear from an area no matter how many you kill. "So you mean any boss I get on the fifth floor is gonna be awesome and I need to get alot stronger" Anthony looks over at the screen showing the savage jaguar happily playing in a puddle "are you sure thats a epic monster it seems harmless".


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