The Dungeon Horde
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The Dungeon Horde
Author :Moonsshadow666
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The monster was like a mix between a scorpion and a tarantula it had eight long legs two huge pincers and a long tail with a stinger oddly enough it had babys all over it's back its legs and back are covered in thick red hairs. Anthony watches as it carefully traverses through the dungeon "appraisal" mountain creeper these monsters are known for ambushing their targets combined with their venom they have a higher percentage of successful hunts when compared to other monsters."So monsters can invade my dungeon too well if i can kill it I'll gain another monster for the dungeon system I'd like to buy one icy bat lord and one runed stegosaurus" confirmed you have 10 dp Remaining. Command all land monsters to converge on the first floor its got alot of babies and i dont want to wake up to one of them in my bed deploy the the runed stegosaurus and icy bat lord right at the entrance to the second floor".While Anthony's giving orders he notices that three of the mountain creepers legs are now covered in webbing and a familiar figure joins the screen as Slugnerock slowly appears through some bushes. "Damn it send all the monsters to Slugnerock I can't afford to revive him right now and we know nothing about how this type of monster fights".Slugnerock stares down the mountain creeper as it uses its pincers to reach towards its webbed up leg Slugnerock spits acid at the mountain creepers back it's spit lands on four of its babies they let out a screech as their bodies slowly corrodes away. Congratulations you've exterminated an intruder you gained the monster mountain creeper young this monster will eventually grow into a adult mountain creeper "that's actually a pretty nice monster". The creeper roars in anger at the loss of it's young it finally manages to cut the webbing with one of its pincers free it charges at Slugnerock. The mountain creeper reaches Slugnerock in a flash thrusting a pincer like a spear trying to impale Slugnerock but Slugnerock's slimy body makes the pincer slip off to the right leaving a bleeding wound.Slugnerock spits acid right at the mountain creepers face and opens it's mouth revealing a surprising amount of needle like teeth. Slugnerock lunges at the creepers pincer landing a bite the creeper screeches in pain as Slugnerock's needle like teeth sink into its pincer the other pincer raised blocking the acid spit as the creepers stinger shoots forward trying to poison Slugnerock.Anthony's breath catches as the stinger lands on Slugnerock's back although Slugnerock is slippery the stinger cuts into Slugnerock's flesh as it slides across Slugnerock's back delivering some venom into the cuts. The creeper raises it's stinger for another strike "where are the hell are the other monsters someone save Slugnerock" screams Anthony as the stinger hits Slugnerock's side this time leaving another long cut on his side.The creeper suddenly lets out a horrific screech as an audible crunch is heard Slugnerock managed to bite through the creepers pincer separating it from the creepers body purple blood pours out of the wound as the creeper backs off from Slugnerock.A screen appears in front of Anthony Mountain creeper and it's young request to be allowed to live in dungeon it will function as a normal monster in the dungeon and wont attack dungeon monsters and you if accepted."The hell can Slugnerock survive the poison" Slugnerock can recover from the poison if allowed to rest for a few days the mountain creeper will also recover and grow a new pincer system suggests you accept "fine i accept". Congratulations you've unlocked the mountain creeper brood mother monster congratulations completed the hidden mission recruit a monster invader into your dungeon would you like to claim the rewards. "Yeah sure i just wanned to go to sleep but sure order all the monsters to return to their original posts and order the icy bat lord to go live on the third floor".Congratulations you have received 700 dp and three mountain creeper young nests " yeah that's nice and all good night" Anthony says as he turns his back to the screen going to bed. As the morning sun rises a screen appears in front of Anthony and starts making noise like an alarm clock "alright already I'm up I'm up".Anthony stands up and starts to stretch and feels pain run through his left shoulder "ow ow ow damn it this sucks system how much dp do I have" you currently have 710 dp. "Well i guess I'll save my dp" Anthony unsummons his runed stegosaurus and summons two blood raptors "come on chip let's drag this bat to the city".


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