The Dungeon Horde
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The Dungeon Horde
Author :Moonsshadow666
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Anthony was dozing off when he suddenly felt his shoulder burning looking up he saw shaman Yen searing his shoulder shut with a red hot spear head gritting his teeth as Yen finished and wrapped his shoulder.Yen smiled and nodded at Anthony "system I'd like to receive my reward for killing ten monsters" confirmed you now have 1120 dp and one trip wire trap. "I'd like to purchase a new floor I'd like to choose the desert but i have no good creatures for it so aquatic cave this time choice confirmed choose from these three layouts one was a maze like system with waist deep water throughout the entire cave system. The second was a cave with two paths that intersected each other frequently it's water height varyed from waist deep to sudden drops of up to eight feet. The third choice was a straight path but was at uphill angle making it hard to resist the current the highest point the water reached was 4 feet."I'd like the first floor plan and show me my current missions" confirmed these are your current missions.

Kill 50 monsters reward 300 dp and one poison arrow trap.

Get five floors in your dungeon and summon a boss monster rewards 2000 dp and three low level monster nests.

Raise your dungeon rank from G to F rewards 7000 dp and three normal monster nests.

Get a evolved monster out of a monster nest rewards 400 dp one random monster nest.

Train any skill to level 2 skill points wont count rewards 400 dp and a one free low level nest of your choice.

"Speaking of which status" the screen appears in front of him.

Name Anthony Race human Hair black Age 20 Status injured Health 40/100 Stamina 70/100 Mana 100/100 Job dungeon master Level 2 Skills 7 Titles none Class none Stat points 10 Skill points 2 Strength 14 Intelligence 18 Endurance 14 Wisdom 11 Agility 13 Perception 15 Charisma 11 Luck 31

Skills 'Raise dead' level 1 'Flash' level 1 'Bash' level 1 'Summoning magic' level 1 'Cane arts' level 1 'Acid bullet' level 1 'Appraisal' level 1

"I'd like to put 1 point in both strength and endurance 2 points in agility 4 in wisdom the last 2 points go to charisma now I'm going to asume these point just straight level up skills so I'm going to put the two points into summoning magic". Anthony crossed his fingers and gave a silent prayer as he put the points in summoning magic congratulations summoning magic is now level 2 you unlocked a new summon and can now summon two bloody raptors."Yes it wasn't exactly what i thought it was but still i got a new summon" Anthony looked over at Chip who was sleeping on the floor still covered in blood the icy bat lord still tied to him. Anthony smiled although Chip was a coward he could guarantee that if he didn't have Chip to scout he could have been attacked by both the group of regular icy bats and icy bat lord at the same time and then he'd definitely be dead.Anthony sighs getting up he slowly wakes up Chip who immediately gets up even though he's exhausted he stands up "I'll summon you again in a little bit" Anthony unsummons Chip. "Now lets see my new summon" Anthony channels his mana into summoning magic feeling a connection from a monster Anthony watches as a 4 foot tall 7 foot long runed stegosaurus congratulations you have unlocked the runed stegosaurus for your dungeon. Appraisal skill used runed stegosaurus these monsters can draw special powers from the various runes that are engraved in each of their plates that grow from their neck to their tails the older a runed stegosaurus is the more powerful their runes are each plate has a different rune the each rune can only be used once a day.Anthony quickly counts how many plates it has there are 17 plates in total each engraved with a different symbol 5 of the plates weren't fully grown yet. "So your actually pretty tough system show me the dp cost for the creatures I've recently unlocked" confirmed.

Icy bats 20 dp for one 200 dp for a nest

Icy bat lord 70 dp for one 700 dp for a nest

Spike ball 35 dp for one 350 dp for a nest

Blood raptor 25 dp for one 250 dp for a nest

Runed stegosaurus 40 dp for one 400 for a nest. Anthony almost coughed blood "damn it i didn't think the icy bat lords would be so expensive i can almost buy a floor for a single nest" Anthony checks his bandages as he limps into one of the huts leaning against the wall. Anthony grabs three of the goblins many leather blankets setting up some bedding he lays down "this has been one eventful day and tomorrow I'll bring the guild that bat corpse" Anthony closes his eyes the stegosaurus walks over to his bedding laying down next to him just as Anthony was about to fall asleep alert alert intruder alert. "You've got to be kidding me system show me" in the screen was something he'd never seen before "what kind of monster is this"


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