The Dungeon Horde
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The Dungeon Horde
Author :Moonsshadow666
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Anthony headed back downstairs in the elevator with his raptor next to him looking at it "i really need to think of a name for you". While Anthony was contemplating a name for the little blood raptor Helen called for him over the intercom. When Anthony headed towards Helen's counter he saw all the delicious food the other adventurers were eating and he swore in his mind he will soon have enough money to enjoy his life.Soon Anthony reached the counter Helen pulled a card out of a folder handing it to him the card itself was made out of steel with a bronze stripe going from the top right corner of the card to the bottom left. The card had Anthony's full name his age and his special ability along with a big G in the bottom right corner. "Dont lose this card or you'll have to pay fifty dollars for a new one also as soon as possible get a phone so we can contact you when ever theres a dungeon break or any other emergency related to monsters as an adventurer it is your duty report in and help in these situations"Helen calmly explained. Anthony nodded understanding the rules "are there any missions you would recommend for my current strength". Helen took a moment to think then reached into one of her drawers pulling out a bounty mission "this should be in your combat range there have been increased sightings of icy bats now even though these monsters are usually are pretty peaceful it's still not a good idea to let them build numbers please exterminate fifty of them to cut down their numbers to claim your bounty you'll need to bring back their wings". Anthony took the bounty looking it over the reward for completion was 100 dallors"Where can i find the icy bats"asked Anthony Helen smiled "a couple miles north of the lake near the city good luck and be careful". Anthony thanked Helen and left the guild heading towards the gate before reaching the gate he grabbed his fedora out of his storage putting his hat on making his disguise ability become active leaving the city without incident. Anthony entered the forest heading straight to his dungeon as he was walking the Blood raptor started growling as a bug that looks alot like a giant rolly polly rolled out of the bushes staring at the blood raptor like it was a stake. The strange rolly polly then rolled up into a ball suddenly two large spikes stuck out from its sides making it look like a spiked tire then it shot towards them like a bullet Anthony and the blood raptor dived out of the way hearing a huge crash behind them. The rolly polly was embedded into a large tree wiggling trying to pull itself out Anthony immediately ran towards the tree swinging his cane like a bat he used his bash skill trying to push the rolly polly further into the tree to keep it from getting free. When Anthony's bash hit he could hear some loud pops and saw the rolly polly's exoskeleton cracked in the spot he hit. The rolly polly cry's out in pain with a loud screech without hesitation Anthony launches a acid bullet at the already damaged shell like back melting its already cracked exoskeleton causing extreme pain as its green blood flows out of its back it stops moving turning stiff. Congratulations the monster spike ball is now unlocked for your dungeon "damn i should have used appraisal well lets just get back to the dungeon to claim my reward then we'll head to the icy bats location by the way your new name is Chip" the raptor gave a snort in response. They made it the rest of the way without any real trouble besides avoiding the few stray monsters they encountered as they reached the dungeon as soon as the pair entered the dungeon Anthony teleported to the core. When Anthony arrived in the iron warthogs nest he saw a total of four piglets and two female warthogs the mother's gave him a glance then went back to nursing their young as a large male entered the nest it stared at Chip then went next to the mother's providing security for the piglets. Anthony grinned walking out of the warthogs nest followed by Chip he sat down with the goblins seeing the usually reclusive shaman hobgoblin with them. "System I'd like to claim the rewards for the become an adventurer mission" confirmed you now have 1020 dp and one random floor type would you like to use the random floor type draw "yes i would please use my random floor draw". Congratulations you have unlocked the desert floor type " wow that's actually a pretty unique floor type i dont even know how far it is to the nearest desert but still i have no monsters that fit this floor type I'll save the dp for now lets go Chip".


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