The Dungeon Horde
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The Dungeon Horde
Author :Moonsshadow666
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These are your current summoning choices

Elementals the very essence of the elements elements are able to harness the true power of the elements to attack their enemies they are the most talented at using elements usually they can only be beaten by the element they are weak to as such they are known as great spell casters.

Wurms live underground and are known for their endless appetite they can swim through the ground like water and always strike from under their prey thier skin is thick and harder then most metals making them extremely difficult to deal with.

Dinosaurs have been extinct for 65 million years until 4 years ago when they flooded into the world with the various other monsters they are known for their incredible strength and speed thier jaws can tear apart almost any prey whether carnivore or herbivore their strength and power are unchallenged.

Insects are known for alot of things from their super strong exoskeletons to thier deadly poisons from vicious army's of ants to the giant tanks of Hercules Beatles to furious swarms of giant wasps the insect race have tons of species to choose from.

Demons are known for their pure hatred of the weak and their nefarious plans they are the commander's of devils the master's of hellions and strongest of creatures under the demon kings rule each demon has their own special ability that is unique to themselves. "System i have a question after this will i only be able to summon one monster type or will i be able to summon more than one type of monster eventually". As the skills level increases you will be able to pick a new monster type to summon every ten levels of the skill example at levels , 10, 20, 30, and 40 you will be able to pick a new monster type to add to your current repertoire every ten levels you will unlock new monster types. Lastly for every level you gain in summoning magic you will gain a new monster to summon and you will be able to summon one more monster of the previous monster you could already summon the only restriction is on boss monsters which you will gain one every ten levels ."This is still a very big decision as i have no idea how long it will take to reach level ten I'm currently not at a level where I can tank damage so what should i choose screw it I'm going to have to go with my favorite give me the dinosaur type".Confirming your choice remember your skill level decides what monster you can summon after the message disappeared a small blood raptor appeared a message appeared congratulations you have unlocked the blood raptor monster for your dungeon "sweet". The reason the species is named blood raptor is that its entire head down to its neck is covered in dark red scales that look just like dried blood while the rest of it's body was grey with dark red stripes on its tail and belly.The bad thing about the blood raptor is that they are pack animals because their combat strength is not that high when alone still they are fast and stealthy so they make great scouts.The obstacle course had climbing jumping avoiding camera's with little cover hell they even had swimming and rope swinging this was not going to be easy on the little blood raptor."I'd hate to fail this test so please little one do your best as long as you do your best I'll give you a reward" the blood raptor nodded its golden eyes showed strong determination the blood raptor let out a ferocious roar and charged towards the obstacle course in its eyes it was a ferocious roar to Anthony it was just plain adorable. As it charged forward its first obstacle appeared a tall rock face the raptor jumped thrusting its black claws into the gaps of the rocks and scampering up the wall using the gaps between rocks once it got to the top the next obstacle was the rope swing. The raptor jumped latching on to the rope with its jaws unfortunately the raptor bit too hard cutting the rope and falling down 8 feet into the water with a splash. The raptor looked miserable as it spit out the rope in its mouth it crawled out of the water shaking the water off its body it sank into the fake grass hiding from the camera's as it slowed to a halt every time a camera looked its way. The raptor slowly but surely made its way through the camera course not triggering any alarms on the way as it popped out of the grass to a pool of water that was twenty feet wide and about thirty feet long. The blood raptor looked towards Anthony and roared with the connection he felt to the raptor since summoning it he understood that the raptor was saying it would drown before reaching the other side. Anthony called the raptor back to him with a wave of his cane he looked over and yells " my raptor can't swim that far so im not gonna make him try" Helen nodded waving them back to the entrance. Helen "your results are very good in two of the race's obstacles you also know your summoning creatures limits if I'd make a guess I'd say your ability is about D rank level so be sure to train hard to increase it's rank when ever you make a breakthrough with your ability be sure to come back for another test you can wait in the first floor restaurant I'll be back with your guild card".


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