The Dungeon Horde
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The Dungeon Horde
Author :Moonsshadow666
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The goblins came rushing back with the two injured "take them to the shaman damn it that was a huge failure where's that damn slug". Anthony changes the screen to the slug to see it just finishing attaching the bodies to its back and start to slowly slide on its way " well it is a slug what did i expect". Anthony sighs switching the screen back to the adventurers to see them slowly making their way to the second floor entrance they stopped in front of it. Adam sighed "well we made it we should head back on the other side so we can show a full map of the first floor" "well then let's wade across this river be careful there are definitely monsters in here" replied Lauren as they readied their weapons. "So how many of each monster do i have in that water please tell me they've increased" you have 6 blood piranhas 4 vampiric leaches 4 metal rays. "Well then send two of the metal rays at them make sure at least two of each creature is at each nest". Lauren and the others carefully made their way across the the river each with their weapons out as they slowly walked two metal rays buried themselves under the sand on the path the adventurers were walking. Adam and Lauren walked past the first ray Zack was not as lucky stepping on the metal ray the rays stinger stabed forward hitting zacks right leg. Zack screamed in pain as he stabed into the rays side the metal at its side chipped but otherwise the ray was fine Lauren and Adam rushed forward Adam swinging his axe forward the metal rays defense was useless against the weight of the swing crushing its body. Adam pulled up the ray "damn it metal rays we need to get an antidote in him were running for the other side" yells Adam as he throws Zack on his back sprinting across the river with all his might. Lauren and Adam ran as fast as they could threw the water as the blood spread in the water behind them the blood piranhas came in slowly to the blood trail. Anthony watched as all six of his piranhas were following the blood trail " why are all six of them there what about the nests system?". the system can only move creatures to where you want them the creatures intelligence determines the rest your acid slugs intelligence is slightly higher then that of a dog thats why it can bring the corpses back your blood piranhas have the intelligence of a normal fish we can move them to certain areas keep and them from eating each other but can't completely control them. Anthony watches as the vampiric leaches join with the blood piranhas "well fuck" Anthony then notices the acid slug triumphantly push through a bush a couple yards in front of him. The slug held its head held high as it opens its mouth giving a triumphant roar that sounded a little like the triceratops from Jurassic park. The acid slug slowly came to a stop in front of Anthony it slowly deposited the bodies and then stares at him. "I should reward you for your efforts I'll get you something material after those adventurers leave for now I'll give you a name your name shall be Slugnerock". confirmed naming acid slug Slugnerock Slugnerock will now get bonuses to its stats and will become a named monster and receive a random skill named monsters can be revived by using dp. Slugnerock has received the skill silk spit "show me the skill description" silk spit allows it's user to spit strengthened silk to trap it's target. "How many named monsters can i have" you can have one named monster per floor named monsters also have a higher chance of evolving into another monster after leveling up. Anthony glanced back at the adventurers team showing they made it out of the water only after Adam had been swarmed you could see various bites and dents in his armor where as Lauren got out relatively well only a few bites on her shins and one on her right butt cheek. Zack was still rolling around in pain when Adam forced an antidote down his throat "that takes care of one problem Lauren you alright we need to get the hell out of here i didn't think this dungeon could damage my armor the way it has" yells Adam. "Yeah im alright i think nothing feels off so lets get Zack out of here" replies Lauren as they make haste towards the exit. "Well let's try this out wait how much mana does the skill raise dead use each cast?" 15 mana for each cast."Ok lets do this raise dead" as Anthony holds his hands over the corpses their bodies begin to twitch and groans slowly sound as the three goblin corpses slowly stand up they stare at Anthony waiting for orders. Anthony sits down feeling a little drained from using his mana he sighs "go bury yourselves in the mud around the first floor when you feel a disturbance near you or invaders step on you attack them". Anthony watches as the zombies shuffle away "holy shit using raise undead makes me feel like I've just spent a month studying system what are those Zombies details".


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