The Dungeon Horde
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The Dungeon Horde
Author :Moonsshadow666
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Anthony watch's as the live feed comes on showing a three man team one female dressed in light leather armor with two daggers on her on waist and a backpack with a thiefs toolkit on its right side. The girl had a decent body with long black hair braided in a ponytail shap green eyes and three slash scars on left arm probably from a beast type monster . The first man was in heavy iron armor with a large battle axe strapped to his back and a large skinning knife attached to his right thigh his eyes are grey his hair a greying brown with his right hand missing his ring and pinky fingers. "Compared to the last two this guy looks like a newborn" he was in a thick layer of leather armor with a iron sword on his waist and a steel shield on his back. He had light blonde hair and brown eyes he looked very eager to prove something they start to talk amongst themselves. Anthony "can i hear them please tell me i can hear them" you can turning on audio " so this is a new dungeon doesn't look any different or unique compared to the other dungeons" says the grey haired veteran. "Dont forget the mission we need to find out what types of monsters appear here since it just appeared theres no reason to look for the next floor unless it's extremely difficult through the floor remember were here to gather information so that if this experiences a break were prepared" the black haired rouge casually replies. "But what about treasure shouldn't there be alot since no one else has conquered it come on Lauren it'll be fun " complains the young man. "No it wont it will be a whole lot of effort for nothing you know as well as i do that it takes at least a month for a dungeon to put out treasure so lets hurry up and get this over with Adam. Adam "fine fine get ready were heading out and don't slack off Zack" he says as he readies his battle axe". " System how much dp will i get when they leave also can i watch this from the dungeon I'd like to go to the core". you can and the dp you receive from repelling invaders varys by their strength according to system analysis Adam maybe B rank Lauren maybe rank C lastly Zack maybe rank F. Once again system cannot be certain these results are true teleporting you now. Anthony appeared in the air falling he lands on his feet. "Lets go see the shaman system whats his intelligence level if im not remembering wrong i should be able to converse with the shaman right". You are correct the shaman is intelligent enough converse but you may have to explain to it what you mean " is there anything i can purchase with dp to make it smarter". There is such an item but you do not currently have enough dp "how much is it and what is it" it is currently unavailable to you right now but it is a liquid called the holy tree's gift it costs 25,000 dp it will be available when you reach C rank. "Holy shit well I'm not getting smarter anytime soon" as Anthony finally arrived he took one of the goblins seats "I'll talk to the shaman in a little bit first lets hopefully enjoy the show". The screen widened to 50 inches but only Anthony could see it the screen showed as Adam and Zack cut through the thick vegetation while Lauren kept an eye out for traps. "It's been an oddly peaceful trip so far so keep an eye out for traps" suddenly an arrow flew over Lauren's head as she narrowly dodged the arrow with a quick duck under some bushes getting her already muddy boots and pants leg even muddier making her curse. " Get under cover" Lauren yelled as they dive under cover as arrows fly over their heads Adam "is it enemies it's got to be enemies right" Lauren "shut up and toss me one of the arrows so I'll know for sure". Zack tosses an arrow to her Lauren catches it " I don't think its an enemy these are poison arrows and based on how small yet thick they are its a trap monsters at this dungeons level couldn't fire these that fast". "It has to be a trap if it's a monster this dungeon would be D rank at least" meanwhile the goblins were putting together a little present for our dear invaders


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