The Dungeon Horde
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The Dungeon Horde
Author :Moonsshadow666
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Turned out the new suit and hat came with the ability disguise which hides the wearers identity and the cane is surprisingly a weapon its ability is weapon control as long as you can see it you can control its movement. "So yeah got me a snazzy new outfit mom would be so proud now i would like to deploy the hobgoblin shaman on the second floor with the other goblins also give those goblins the iron club and sliver axe so they can better defend themselves". "You know what lets just get all of this out of the way deploy the three vine snakes around the second floor and put the poison arrow trap on the first floor and divide the thorn bushes on the second floor deploy the acid slug and goblin we got from the gacha on the first floor and I'd like to see the details on the hobgoblin shaman also give me the raise dead skill book". Confirming all actions the raise dead book appears in Anthony's hand he looks it over the appear worn down and old the pages slightly yellowed and theres a skull engraved on the cover. Showing hobgoblin shaman details now hobgoblin shamans are able to buff their allies and summon support troops such as zombies and wolves at higher levels they can even summon bears their buffs are the basic defense speed and streangth buffs while not the most advanced you'd do well not to underestimate them."Not bad at all" where would you like to put your dungeon core "ah i have a dungeon core based on the its name I'll put it in the most secure place i know of embed it in the ceiling of the iron warthogs nest since its right between the two goblin nests and protected by a hobgoblin shaman". " System please tell me the ways to gain dp" dp is gained by slaying monsters repelling or killing invaders also you can earn dp by completing missions. "Missions huh please tell me about available missions" current available missions.

Kill any ten monsters rewards 120 dp and one trip wire trap

repell your first dungeon invader rewards 500 dp and three thunder eels.

Get five floors in your dungeon and summon a boss monster rewards 2000 dp and three low level monster nests

raise your dungeon rank from G to F rewards 7000 dp and three normal monster nests.

Get a evolved monster out of a monster nest rewards 400 dp one random monster nest

"the only one i could really try right now is defeating ten monsters or i could wait for an invader system what do you recommend i do". System recommends you wait since the dungeon could be discovered at any time " ok well since I've got nothing but time show me what my monster nests look like". The goblins nests were literally just huts around a bonfire the iron warthogs have a deep burrow while the blood piranhas have kelp like plants on the bottom of the river. The metal rays have a small area full of loose dirt under a tree near the bank of the river the vampiric leaches have a small cave under a rock. "How many monsters in total do i have also show me the info on the acid slug almost forgot about looking at its details" you currently have ten goblins, one hobgoblin shaman, one acid slug, three vine snakes, four iron warthogs, five metal rays, six vampiric leaches, and ten blood piranhas. Acid slugs have their entire body covered in a poisonous mucus and are able to spit a corrosive acid they have weak defense but can deal major damage. " Sweet so how fast are my nests producing monsters" depends on the monster your vampiric leaches produce two monsters per hour while your goblins produce one per hour. "How long have i been at this system" you have been in the dungeon making room for 2 hours the dungeon will likely be discovered in the hour since the homeless come to get water from the lake often. "Guess I'll take a walk around the dungeon so how do i enter the dungeon" you can teleport into the dungeon at the start of each floor or to the dungeon core be aware that if an enemy breaks your dungeon core you will lose 500 dp and when your out of dp you will lose a floor. "Shouldn't you have told me that earlier can i move the core when i make new floors" yes you can you can move the core now if you want. " Nah just leave it there and send me the sec" alert alert intruder alert "you gotta be kidding can you give me a live feed on who's come".


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