The Dungeon Horde
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The Dungeon Horde
Author :Moonsshadow666
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the world as we know it has ended dungeons exploded into existence flooding the world with monsters countries fell apart the whole world even expanded creating new continents. Everyone thought the world was ending but to everyone's surprise it was only the beginning. The survivors slowly began to develop various abilities like telekinesis, elemental control, teleportation, flight just to name a few and new abilities are discovered every day. In this ever changing environment countries rebuilt themselves slowly but surely the world started to reconnect new satellites were shot into space the images recovered shocked the world giant castles, huge mountains, whirlpools, ruins, and even floating islands amongst other things appeared where there was once nothing. Even new moons appeared in the sky the earth now had four moons it has been four years since these changes Anthony's parents died during what the whole world calls the shift as such Anthony was homeless he lived in the outskirts of the new town called thunderspire. Thunderspire is a mountain town in the Smoky mountains at the bottom of the mountain Anthony lives in a small tunnel he dug out near the base of the mountain. Anthony covers the entrance with some bushes and a bear skin behind the bushes ot keep the weather at bay. Anthony wakes up when he heard a audible ding a transparent screen appeared in front of him with the words congratulations the system has chosen you to be a dungeon master appeared in front of him. Anthony unlike other people who have discovered their own abilities has not been able to unlock any abilities that he might have so without hesitation he selects yes. The screen updates welcome to the dungeon master system since you have just begun as a dungeon master the system has sent you three welcoming gifts would you like to open them now or after the tutorial i would like to open them after. The tutorial will start now first chose an area to place your dungeon a few areas appeared before him the first was a cave near the top of the mountain he currently lives in next was a small swamp cave near a lake and the last was a forest nearby. next to each selection was a list of benefits and demareits the top of the mountain's benefits were more flying type monsters, traps are easier to place, two free low level bird monster nests with dungeon set up, difficult to traverse, will take a while for enemies to find giving more time to prepare for invasions. Demareits difficult to traverse for land monsters, traps are easier to spot, monster summoning choices for dungeon reduced cause of environment. Small swamp cave near lake benefits can have water monsters, comes with swamp floor option, comes with three low level monster nests two land one water, easier to prepare and hide traps in water, scent of enemies spreads fast in water, easy to set up ambushes. Demareits will be found fast since near water source, shallow areas of water provide cover from big water monsters. Forest benefits bushes and trees provide cover for your monsters, comes with two low level land monster nests. Demareits easy to find, provides cover for enemies, open easy to navigate, traps are easier to spot. Which one would you like to pick this decision is final once you pick you will not be able to pick again. After thinking about it Anthony picks the small swamp cave for two reasons traps are easily hidden and it comes with three monster best.System teleporting you to dungeon maker room to make a dungeon you use dp or dungeon points the more powerful a monster the more dp it costs same with traps. Since you have just begun to be a dungeon master the system has provided you with 5000 dp to purchase a floor costs 1000 dp and will increase in price by 500 dp every 10 floors every 5 floors there will be a boss room dp is earned by repelling or eliminating invaders dp varies by combat strength. Anthony chose the purchase floor option Anthony purchased a floor please choose floor type current floor choices are swamp, forest, mountain, cave, and aquatic cave. I guess ill choose swamp since i just unlocked it swamp confirmed please choose three free monster nests out of the choices below.


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