The Blessed
29 House Warming Party 2/-
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The Blessed
Author :Evrabonzz
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29 House Warming Party 2/-

A/N: New Chappie, yey. And also, I'll be using some military jargon in this chapter especially for the military part, don't know if they are being used in Japan Military forces, but if not, then I don't care. Just think of it as it is.

Words Count: 2325


(Tokyo, Japan)


".. Alright finally, Bring it on."

As they all got ready for what is about to come, they all stayed still in their positions. They didn't wait that long until they finally heard some multiple big footsteps accompanied by some strange noises coming from the pointed direction. When they heard this, they all frowned and tensed up more than they already are.

"It's Coming!" shouted by the guy in front.

When it's close enough, they finally saw the silhouettes of the thing that is approaching them.

"Oy, i-IS That?"

".. It's a Monster! How come there's a monster here!?" They were all surprised as they saw the creatures that is approaching them.

"..Get Ready!"

Tugudug! Tugudug! Tugudug!


Suddenly, A four-legged monster jumped out of the shadows and lunches towards the group. It was followed by the other monsters as well as they lunches themselves towards the group of people in front of them.

But they were not fazed by this as they were only surprised to see some monsters inside the building. They fought and killed different kinds of monsters already, they are used to this kind of surprise attacks by the monsters as they were fighting this kind of creatures for about a month already. If you evaluate them, you can say that they were already experts at dealing with this kind of stuff.

"Alright! Let's go!"



The Shield guys in front didn't waste any time as they charged towards the monsters as well and use the monster's momentum to smash their shield towards them. As their shield made a contact with the monsters, the monsters were blown violently due to the force and hit the other charging monsters as well.

""".. R-RRAAAAAA!!!"""

But the monsters quickly recovered and even more angry as they immediately charged again towards the guys that are holding the shields.




The two monsters in the front that were about to lunch towards them were suddenly struck by an arrow that looks like it was made of light, it completely passes through their heads as it obliterates it in the process.

"F*cking monsters!"


The other monsters also charged towards them but they were confronted by the guys that are wielding Swords and Spears. The fight with the monster didn't last long as the battle turned completely one-sided, the monsters didn't even have a chance towards the group.

".. Shimura, what in the hell was that?" Anzai asked

".. I don't know. how am I supposed to know that there are monsters in here? You already know that I can only point their positions but not exactly what they are. Actually it does make sense now, the strange movements that I saw earlier. No wonder they are so fast, and their weird positions. Wait, that means this whole building might be full of monsters on each floor. But how? and but why?" Shimura said as she was starting to realize the things she saw earlier.

".. Maybe it's their way of defense? Then, if what you're saying is true, that means. The message that we saw outside is?"

".. I don't know. Maybe that only meant as a joke, i-i'm not sure."

" Hmm, Alright. It's no use thinking about it now. Let's just think about this later once we find a safe area, we should keep going for now."

".. Alright."

They all agreed and were about to go but suddenly, the people in the front noticed something, and once again, they stop their movements.

"Anzai-san, there's more coming up ahead!" Said one of the Shield guys in front.

"..Alright, get ready!" They raised their defenses and prepare for what is about to come but suddenly, they also heard something is approaching them at their back.

"I-I think there's also one at the back!" said the guy wielding a sword.

"... TCH! GO! Formation C! Tankers Divide your Positions!" Anzai Shouted

They all quickly move, they go to their planned position in just a couple of seconds. There's not even a hesitation on their movements like they already marked where they are going before. Their positions look so different, the guys that are holding the shield are on both sides, but if you look at the others. It looks like they were just scattered in the whole area but the looks on their faces are saying that it was the planned Formation.

".. We'll go later, but we'll deal with this first!" Anzai shouted as the others also readied their weapons.

"" rooooWAAAAA!!!!!! ""

As the incoming monsters, lunch towards them. The guys that are holding the shield immediately intercept them by bashing them through their shields. Some of the monsters manage to get pass through them and tried to attack them from their backs but they were easily killed by the ones that are supporting behind them.





As the battle goes on, the number of monsters also keeps increasing. Some of the monsters were slightly strong and manage to push back the tanks some are even dealing some damage to them. Some of the attacks managed to slip pass trough the shields or failed to be blocked due to the number of the monsters attacking them, causing them to be hit directly at their bodies. Good thing that they are wearing heavy armors that help on blocking the attacks, or if not, they would have received some damage or injuries or in the worst-case scenario, they would have received a direct fatal attack that would put them in danger.


" DIEE!!!


".. Urgk!! These BASTARDS! ..... Oh-OH NO! WATCH OUT!

While the Tanks are having a hard time fighting off the horde of monsters that are continuously coming at them like there's no tomorrow. Some of the monsters ignore the tanks and run towards the guys at the back but they also confronted them. Wielding their swords, spear, and the ones that are using bows and guns that are maintaining their position as they fight the incoming monsters in a far distance, they all fight together and tried to push back the monsters as the battle goes on.

Meanwhile, while this battle is happening. You can see a dozen of Military helicopters are flying outside while encircling the whole building.

(A/N: Let me just butt in for a second. Just in case you didn't know. I changed the number of Military helicopters from Five to Twelve. I just thought that the number of Military Helicopters was a bit low considering the danger and there's also the flying monsters so if this was in a real-life scenario, I think that the military will send more than that or otherwise it will just be close as a suicide mission. That's all. :)

*Chissk!* (A/N: It's a Radio sound.)

Radio 1: [ We've arrived at the location, Over.]


Radio 2: [ Alright, Clean out the Area. ]


Radio 1: [ Roger that. ]

Two Military Helicopters have broken off from the formation and start to scout around the area. Not long after that, multiple Gunshots and Sounds of Roaring monsters can be heard.


Radio 3: [ Sir, Multiple Flying Hostiles have been spotted. ]


Radio 2: [ What's the position. ]


Radio 3: [ 3 o'clock around 2 klicks, Sir. ] (A/N: Klick means km )


Radio 2: [ Alright, Prepare to intercept them. ]


Radio 4: [ Sir. The area has been cleaned. The heaven has been set. Over]


Radio 2: [ Alright deploy the Joes and have them secure a safe area for the main bird.]


Radio 1, 6, 8: [ Roger that.]

Three helicopters have also broken the formation and fly lower down the area. The Three Helicopters slowly landed in the area in front of Ray's building. The soldiers inside the Helicopters have immediately hop out and position to guard and secure the area. The three helicopters that have landed, immediately fly off to the sky, circle around the area.

Radio 2: [ Alright, it's time. Serve now the main bird.]

Radio 9: [Roger that.]

All the helicopters moved around the area but they didn't leave the vicinity. They all stay up in the air except for the biggest helicopter. The helicopter slowly lands on the area where the previous soldiers are, the soldiers that are positioned in guarding the area slowly approached the landing helicopter and stays near it. When the helicopter completely landed, the ramp door behind it slowly opened and soldiers from inside came rushing out and took their positions.

"... Hmm, is this the place? What's up with that weird-ass building." Followed by the soldiers, a big Middle-aged man came out. He had white hair and a white beard, he had an extremely big build body and has a height around 193 cm. He had a big scar on his left cheek and an eye-patch on his right eye. He is wearing a Full Golden Shiny armor that looks like it is made of a pure combination of gold and silver. It has a very fancy design that can put the most famous blacksmith into shame. He doesn't look like a Japanese. He looks like, he came from somewhere in Europe.

"... That weird-ass building is our Next Assignment. *Sigh*~ Honestly.." Next to him was a beautiful lady. Her hair was dyed red, She was wearing a beautiful golden earing that is glowing for some reasons. For a woman, she was considerably tall, around 180 cm. Although you can barely notice it due to the fancy red-magical-looking-robe she was wearing that's covering her whole entire body, she has an extremely athletic body and a very fair skin.

"... Hahaha, you already know what Captain is like during the meetings. He always sleeps halfway and doesn't give a shit to what that old man is saying." At the back of them, a group of people that are also wearing different kinds of fancy armor, robe, and clothes, can be seen. They also have different kinds of weapon but unlike the others, their weapons are more different than the usual teams that someone would see on televisions. It is more, extravagant, intimidating, and unique.

"... HAHAHAHA!"(x13) After the other guy says that, a burst of laughing comes next.

".. Ugh! you're so noisy, SHUT UP!" Said by the Middle-Aged man that was said to be their captain.





".. Here's your walking stick old man." Someone walk next to him, he was a really big man, slightly bigger than him, for about 50 cm. He was also wearing a glamourous looking armor and was holding a big halberd and a two-handed golden battle-axe on his both hands. He handed the Battle-axe towards his captain and he immediately takes it from him.

".. Haa~, my baby." said by the captain while caressing his battle-axe.


Radio 2: [ Can you hear me, Over?]

He was suddenly brought back to reality by the sound of his communicator.

".. Loud and clear Major." Said by the captain as he looks up to the helicopter in the sky and waves his hand.

Radio 2: [ All right, start the mission and you need to finish this before the dawn. Do you understand? ]

".. Uhh, What was the mission again?" Said by the captain as he scratches the back of his head in confusion.

The people on his back chuckles and shakes their heads, while the girl on his side had facepalmed while looking at their captain.

Radio 2: [ ..... *Sigh* You need to communicate with the survivors inside the building and try to bring them back here with you at the camp, whatever the cost is. But remember, don't take an aggressive approach unless it is needed, and also try to find the missing drones and retrieve them back here at the camp. It must be somewhere near the area.]

".. Wait, why did you have to send us for such a lame mission? I thought this would be an exciting one?"

Radio 2: [ Didn't you remember? After the meeting earlier, I asked you if you and your team will be taking this mission and you said yes to me so don't ask me why. ]

".. Wait I did?" Sid by the captain in disbelief.

" You were sleeping the whole time in the meeting captain, and when the major asked you about the mission. You immediately woke up and say yes without knowing what the mission is." Said by the woman beside her, with a deadpan expression.

"Really?" Still not believing it, he looks towards the rest of his team.

" ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ " They all have the same responses.

".. Oh, is that so? Alright then. Let's do this."

Radio 2: [ Good, you need to finish this mission before the night comes. And also, I don't need to say this to you guys but, Stay safe. It was reported that a lot of Hostiles activity was spotted in that area so always be alert. Good luck. ]

"Don't worry major, as we will finish this mission with flying colors. Just trust us, we are the Elite team for no reason Hahaha! This mission will be super Easy for u-"


Suddenly while he was talking to his communicator, he was cut off by the sound of an explosion from the side of the building in front of them. The explosion was so strong that almost half of the lower side of the building was destroyed.

Radio 2: [ Oy Sakamura! What was that explosion! OY SAKAMURA! Don't you dare cut off the-]

The captain turned off his communicator and surprisingly also did the others, he looks back to his team while having a wide smile on his face.

"... Let's begin the mission. Shall we?"


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    《The Blessed》