The All Seeing Eyes
44 Chapter 42
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The All Seeing Eyes
Author :DreamingChild
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44 Chapter 42

''Okay that was disappointing, isn't it the systems job to make me op to the point the world looks seemingly boring.' I thought as I was going to ask the system to the jutsu's catogory when I suddenly thought of a very important question.

'system can I make my own kekkei genkai.'


[Possible but you can only make one kekkei genkai and certain conditions must be met. Conditions that are not possible to be met due to host being too weak.]

'Damn, I should just be happy with what I got or get since no one can just suddenly make their own kekkei genkai. Well no one but me.' I whistled in a cheery tone.

'Now back to finding a good jutsu searching.'

[Which sub category do you want choose from:-]

[E ]

[D ]

[C ]

The rest were faded in grey. I was disappointed that I could not get any stronger jutsu's but I still checked out the C ranked jutsu's.

[Earth Release: Earth Shore Return 50p

Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Technique 25p

Earth Release: Subterranean Voyage 65p

Earth Release: Tearing Earth Turning Palm 120p

Earth Release: Underground Projection Fish Technique 27p

Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique 80p

Fire Release: Flame Bullet 160p

Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique 94p


There were more jutsus. An uncountable number of jutsus were still there. 'Should I buy any of these jutsus's. Let me just browse first before i make any hasty decisions.' I thought as I closed the tab and opened the D rank jutsu tab.

[Body Flicker Technique 600p

Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique 90p

Dynamic Entry 100p

Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique 568p

Haze Clone Technique 50p (50% discount = 25p)

Hiding in Mist Technique 1900p

Leaf Gale 110p

Leaf Whirlwind 600p

Manipulated Shuriken Technique 25p

Mist Servant Technique 200p

Sexy Reverse Harem Technique 999999999999999999999999999999p (prerequisite: Dirty reputation and friendship with naruto)

Sexy: Boy on Boy Technique 9999999999p (Prerequisite: Dirty reputation and friendship with naruto)

Sexy: Girl on Girl Technique 10101p (Prerequisite: Dirty reputation and friendship with naruto)
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Shadow Shuriken Technique 320p

Temporary Paralysis Technique 30p


Wtf is wrong with the Sexy series. jesus what kind of monstrosities have you created naruto for even the almighty system to put up a ridiculous price along with prerequisites. 'System, why do I get a discount on Haze clone technique'

[Haze clone technique is primarily derived from a already mastered jutsu. the Clone jutsu and as such provided a discount.]

I again closed the tab and opened the E rank tab. There only 3 available E rank jutsu. It was not faded or anything, it was just that there were hardly any E rank jutsu.

Cloak of Invisibility Technique 10p

Rope Escape Technique 10p

Sexy Technique 10p (Prerequisite: Friends with naruto)

Yeah, I m not buying any of this. I am pretty sure they teach this in the academy and even if they didn't, I know for sure that none of these are practical. If I want to buy any of these, I can buy it later, it's not like the techniques are going anywhere.

Anyway, my true options are D and C rank jutsu's. I can buy either buy two D rank jutsu and one C ranked jutsu or buy a single powerful C rank jutsu. Hmm, I'll just buy two D rank jutsu and keep the rest of the points for a rainy day.

I closed the E rank jutsu tab and opened D rank jutsu. I then pressed both the Temporary paralysis technique and manipulated shuriken technique. I hesitated on whether or not I should I buy Haze clone technique.

Before finally choosing not to. The system gave a notification that i purchased the two jutsu's. The manipulated shuriken technique just gave knowledge on how to manipulate the shurikens directly to my mind.

While the temporary paralysis technique is a normal jutsu scroll. 'All these minor details of the system are peculiar.'

'Let's see my progress on the system quest.'

'What the? System why did the jutsu part of the quest not update. I can understand if it is because of the manipulated shurken technique but the temporary paralysis technique should have made it so that I have to only learn 2 more jutsus.'


[Buying from the system does not count as learning jutsu's. No matter how many times host buys from the system, it will not have any impact or progress on the system quests.]

'Damn, that just life so much more difficult. Sharingan would be so helpful right about now. When did the Uchiha massacre happen again?'

I thought long and hard but I could not remember anything besides that itachi killed the entire clan besides his brother when he was just a teen. Aaah, fine forget about the sharingan, imma prove to the world that byakugan can do just as much as the sharingan plus more. Who needs the mangekyo sharingan anyway.

'Fuck itachi, sasuke and kakashi for having the mangekyo sharingan. You know what, when I fight with pain, bitch you know I'll fight him and beat his ass with my mangekyo byakugan. Yeah, imma unlock the legendary mangekyo byakugan. Fuck those ripple eyes and fuck those red eyes.' After getting angry for no good reason and hurling a huge amount of insults towards the mangekyo sharingan and the sharingan, I felt much better.

I was starting to get bored and realized that I had reason to actually wait for Anko to comu out. To me she was just a stranger that I met yesterday. So I started to walk towards the exit while whistling when Anko and the hokage came out of the office. However before I could ten more steps towards the exit door.

"And where do you think your going Gaki?" Anko said with a sadistic smile as if begging for me to say something stupid so she can rip me anew one. "Why should I wait for you?" I replied to her as if I was unfazed by that smile while inwardly I was.

"How about the fact that I am now your legal guardian hmm" "A what?" I acted as if I did not understand even though I did and I was not happy with this decision. For two reasons. One my parents just died and now they want me to have new ones and the second reason being that I need privacy for my training and having a trained ninja, a good one at that looking out for me is not helpful.

Although I was mostly upset over the fact that my parents just died and now I got new ones all of sudden. In my situation anyone would be too.


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