System Of Twin Daggers
7 Strange Feelings and Military
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System Of Twin Daggers
Author :Lunar_Leaf
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7 Strange Feelings and Military

After Xeya saw the jobs he could choose, he decided not to take anyone so he asked the system

Xeya "system if in the future I will have more skills I will be able to have more jobs to choose from?"

system * yes, you can *

'OK well now I'll get ready' thought Xeya dressing as before, put on the mask again, this time took the backpack, emptied it and put all of its contents in the inventory, then set off once again with the motocross bike with a single thought in mind 'take up arms fire and level up '

he arrived about half an hour in the city, he had been stopped a couple of times by several people were warning him that a mess had happened in the city and that everyone was crazy

Xeya listened to them but ignored their warnings and kept going towards the city,

even when it was on the outskirts there was a lot of mess, cars overturned that went on fire, windows of shops smashed with security alarms that duoned, people screaming with panic, fear, confusion, terror and courage, you could hear loud noises coming from firearms and you could hear zombies screaming as if they were possessed by someone

(not a day has passed and the periphery has already been brought to its knees by the zombies ...) thought Xeya at the moment

At that moment Xeya left with the bike and parked it randomly on a sidewalk, after which he dismounted and pulled out two daggers from his inventory and held them, immediately after he started running towards the nearest zombie, the zombies in general at the beginning they were slow so Xeya took advantage of it and went away without even bothering them to make even the slightest scratch, the zombie that he was distracted so ran directly on him and stuck a dagger in his back piercing his heart while the other slipped directly on the back of the skull, spraying blood everywhere

at that moment he felt a strange sensation of satisfaction and euphoria, without being noticed under the mask came a smile that could make even a killer shiver from fear.

after enough blood comes out of the zombie's head it fell to the ground without life, immediately after Xeya started running like a rocket and every zombie he met he made sure to uncork his life with the ferocity of a dragon and the grace of an elf, without he realized he saved many lives and people joined him, giving him support from behind with guns

Xeya returned to himself when he heard a loud voice screaming at him

"We are the army, we pray to all the surviving citizens to run from us!"

at that moment he looked around and saw corpses everywhere a real bloodbath, this could be defined as a real apocalypse, he also saw many people around him who started to run immediately in the direction of the voice and so he did while he thought of what he had done

when he arrived from the military there were about a dozen armored cars that surrounded 5 trucks as soon as the group of people arrived from them the soldiers got in position and shouted to the group to stop where they were and to stand in line

When Xeya arrived, people immediately looked at him with reverence, envy, respect and gratitude, and Xeya did not even understand why he had ignored them all the time without even realizing he had saved people, and so he ignored them again, in the meantime the soldiers got people in the trucks when Xeya's turn came he asked the military where they went and the military said they were going to a base and they were sure.

While Xeya was talking to the military people were talking about him and some curious soldiers asked the civilians what they were talking about so they too knew what Xeya had done, so came the nickname of the 'Blue-haired Demon' even though Xeya he only had the lower part of his hair blue ...

"I have a bike near here I can go and get it and then I'll join you?" Xeya asked the soldier and the soldier accepted, so Xeya snapped away without wasting time, in the street also eliminated a couple of stray zombies, when he returned the soldiers had already left so he began to follow the tracks that had left the tires and reached them little later, at the end of the trucks they could not go too fast.

at the end when he reached the base together with the soldiers he immediately thought 'my god ...' the place was not set very well there were gates made of steel nets that did not give a good impression and the walls with cracks, you could see cheera was built in a hurry but everything could make up for the fact that the zombies were still in the first stage and also because the place was heavily armed there were armored cars with machine guns virtually everywhere the place was heavily militarized.

"This place will surely become important in the future" Xeya could not help but think this considering all this ...


the chapter is a bit 'shorter than usual sorry ....

and what do you think Xeya should do now? if you have any ideas, say it in the comments, know that I will take them all into consideration

said this thanks for reading the chapter!
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    《System Of Twin Daggers》