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Summoned to the Naruto World as my Xenoverse avatar
Author :reincarnationking
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Hello My Name is James Brown You know red hair blue eyes skinny as hell not that I care though My hobby is playing virtual reality rpg games watching team four star... funny as hell

the best game Ive ever played was db xenoverse vr , but the funny thing is when I came back to real life


sorry voicing my fustration

any way I tried searching it up nothing about db xenoverse came up NOTHING

Maybe I shouldn't have taken the gift that was given to me by that strange old man but oh well

I told some Of my friends they looked at me confused some even thought I was lying

some times I did have doubts thinking about it I started to have feelings about a certain blonde whiskered and white eyed females which made me remove those doubts

anyway where was I oh yes


I was looking around the Hokage's office with wide eyes I l then looked at my classmates they were staring at me with wide eyed the girls were drooling

"umm dude..." brian said bringing me out of my stupur

what? I asked

he took out a pocket mirror and showed it to me

My eyes widen

I was in my avatar

"JAMES KUN" 2 white and orange blurs slammed into me andI was sufficating and a pair of developing breast

The girls and the boys where staring at me with a shocked look

"Hey isn't that Hinata and a female Naruto" a girl asked another student the boy nodded speechless

N-Naru chan, hina chan?" I asked

they smiled at me crying before I was punched in the stomach by a jukken strike

"If you ever leave like that again"hinata growled her bayukan activated

"note taken" I groaned in pain

she smiled and pulled me into a kiss shocking the rest of the group

Naruko was fuming me and hinata noticed this and pulled her into a threesome

the class was just staring at us with wide eyes and a ting of jealosy

"What the hell is going on?" I heard a voice from my classmates asked looking at the scene with wide eyed


All eyes turned to the source of the voice

standing on the side was the old man sarutobi along with the supreme kai of time and future trunks in a long black jacket smiling at me with tears in their eyes well supreme kai

"Welcome back buddy I thought we lost you" trunks grinned as we fist bumped

I grinned as well

"hey trunks, old man, boss"

her smile grew

"call me Corona james kun you've earned it we've missed you

Sarutobi had a tick mark on his forehead but smiled

{naru chan must be rubbing off on him} he thought with a sigh

their was a loud THUD

once we turned

I laughed as the rest sweat dropped

the entire class had fainted


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