20 Chapter 20: In The Hell Hole
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Author :Vyolett
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20 Chapter 20: In The Hell Hole

Dale looked at the screen in horror.


Dale's eyes got bigger by the secound. "This is not good at all."

"What is that supposed to mean? Is Sara in dnager?:

He nodded his head. "Very much so."

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"

"I dont think you want to know."

"I want to know dammit this is my daughter were talking about!"

His eyes got big at my sudden change of tone. "Well her come is different from the average coma that you know. This coma, well, if she dies in her coma, that's how we know she wont wake up. But what determines when she wakes up is when she finds her way out of that place and returns to her body.

"Is there a way I can help her through her coma?"

"I dont know. I have never tried."

"So if I cant help, all I can do is watch her die if she doesn't make it? This just doesn't seem right. And how the hell do you know all this shit?"

"Do you really think this is the Shadow Mans first time to the rodeo? No. I know all this because I have been through all of his little games before. I was a normal looking person too. He did this to me during my coma. But I though, 'Hey, let me help other people through the same things that happened to me.' But sometimes you come off to me like you dont want me here. So why the fuck am I."

I was shocked. I haven't heard him curse. Not even once. I guess he was really mad at me. But I still had more questions. "Wait, so what your telling me is, what is happening to Sara had happened to you before? And the Shadow Man did THAT to you?"

"Yes. I didn't always look like this. I used to have a normal life like you. But he ruined it. He has killed so many people by now. But I'm the only person that cam save your daughter. And Josh will be no help what so ever."

"And how do you know that?"

"I just do. He knows nothing about what has happened. So there for he will be no help."

"You dont know that for sure. He can be very helpful but you just assume that he wont be. Come on. The best he can do is help."

"You just care for him too much that you dont see how weak he really is."

This whole time we are having a conversation Josh has been with Victoria. So he has no idea what is going down right now. But only if he knew how much shit he was talking on him. I mean, I care for Dale, and I need Dale more than anything. But right now he is not being mature in this situation.

"Hey, I brought you over here to tell me what the fuck is going on in her coma, not to talk shit about Josh."

"Oh yeah I forgot, I'm just some guy with answers and nothing els. I have feelings too. But I guess I can go now, now that you got what you needed."

" I didn't mean to come off that way."

He looked at me. "It sure did seem like it."

I watched him as he walked out my door. Josh walks out of Victoria's room and was surprised to see the machine Dale brought in.

"What's that?" He questioned as he sat down next me.

"Its here so I can see what she is dreaming during her coma. If she dies in her dream, she dies in real life."

"I-" He was at a loss of words. The same questions were going through my head when Dale told me this might be going through his.

"I know what your thinking but I need you to stay here and watch Sara with me."

He nodded his head, and for the rest of the night Sara was in good care. I wont let anything happen to her, even if it kills me.

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