19 Chapter 19: In Her Dreams
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Author :Vyolett
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19 Chapter 19: In Her Dreams

With Dale just leaving me, Josh, and my daughters alone, I felt bad. I feel like he was jealous, in a way, of Josh. But right now I cant be worrying about Dale. I have to focuse on Josh.

"Dont worry about Dale." I say, In a way to start a conversation.

"Its fine. But I want to clear up why I'm really here.'

"I just find it so weird you want to come back 6 years later after leaving me for a girl." I get upset by my own reply to him. I'm getting upset when I shouldn't be.

"I know what I did was wrong. I love you, I shouldn't have left for someone that wasnt any better."

"You need to show me I need you. We cant just start things off like this. Especially not now."

"I can show you you need me, I promise."

"How can I trust you?"

"Because I know you need help with these two. Especially right now. I can show you you need me. That you can trust me. I just need you to allow me to."

"How are you going to make up 6 years without you for me?"

"Please stop saying it like that."

"But it is like that! How do you not see it?!"

"You are not making easy for me. I still love you. I want you. I want you back."

"I dont know yet."

"Its now or never."

"I need some time. It's such a big decision."

He looks up at me. "If." He paused. "If you say no, Dont think about it too much, I dont mind driving 6 hours back to my place."

I look up at him. Was that supposed to make me feel bad? It kinda worked. "I guess I can take a chance on you, but you have to be nothing but good or els I will leave you this time instead."

He smiled. "Fair enough."

I need my head as I walk back over to Sara. She was breathing fine, but the bruises all over her body is painful to look at. I was supposed to be the one to look over her and protect her at all times. And she slipped away from my arms.

I need her to wake up. She has to. I need Dale to tell me more information. What is happening in her coma? Is she ok? Is she very going to wake up?

I call Dale to come over.

Dale comes inside and wobbles over to sit down. I look down at him and Immediately start asking him questions.

"Is she dreaming in her coma?"

Dale looks at me. "Yes. Any person is a come will be in a dreaming state. But I have no idea what Sara could be dreaming about."

"Is there any way you can find out?"

Dale leaves my house, then come back with some kind of machine. It was big enough to have wheels on the bottom of it There was also some needles at the end of wires that he staring sticking into her face. The wires leed back to the matching, and a screen that lit up with an image showed up.

"The video on the screen is what Sara is dreaming in real time." Dale said as he wobbled over to take a look at it himself.

On the screen was a scene of the place I rescued her from. She was in the chains and shackles, and my eyes started to water at the sight. She was still in that hell hole. But I cant save her this time. Only time, and the pill will.

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