18 Chapter 18: Another Knock
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Author :Vyolett
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18 Chapter 18: Another Knock

As I was telling my very long story, I could tell by Josh's face that he was in shock. But I couldn't tell if he believed me or not. Or if his facial expressions were not real.

"Dale said he would come over any time he was worried about me or Sara. But sometimes things can get on the dark side. He likes to talk about the Shadow Man, and the place that I was about just in."

"Wait, Im still confused on the parts of Sara and the breather, the Shadow man. " Josh looked at Sara. His eyes went sad, he frowned then looked at Victoria. "Their all grown up."

"I know. Their birthdays was just a few days ago."

"How old are they?"

"6 years old."

Josh nodded.

I tried to avoid his two other questions, until there was 3 knocks on the front door.


My face sparked, but Josh was dazed. I walk swiftly to the door, keeping quiet to not alarm Victoria. As I got closer to the door the temperature got colder from the outside air seeping into the house. Then I lock eyes with the open window beside me.

111a bin CBC 11qqwcc 7v0in I open the door, great Dale in, and he thanks me for letting lm . mm l lhim in. And then he noticed.

Josh shifted the way he stood, Dale wobbled to a chair and sat down. "Is this your husband?"
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I look at Josh. I nodded my head, "The father of Sara and Victoria."

Dale just sat there and looked at Josh. His thoughts unknown but only known to him. Only if he spoke his mind his thoughts wouldn't be so hidden. So deep under the sand, while water washes away, and his thoughts get deeper.

"Well, Josh," I look at Josh. "this is Dale, and Dale," I look at Dale, who which was still in his thoughts until I took him out of that state. "this is Josh."

He looked at Josh again. I don't think Dale is very fond of him, something was off about it thought. It was not type of looks and actions Dale made that made me think of how they were supposed to mean. It was not just an "I dont like you" look, it was more than that. But I just could not figure out what that look is.

I look at Victoria and see her trying to keep awake. And I realized I forgot about them both. I told Victoria to just watch while I was on the phone. Not to watch her for 3 hours!

I walk over. "Thanks Victoria. But I think I should take you to bed. Im sorry baby that I left you there for that long." I pick her up and take her to her room. I tuck her, and before I leave the room, I kiss her good night. And by then, she was already asleep.

I come back out, and Dale was already back in the sand. "Dale."

He looks at me slowly. "Yes?"

"Are you ok? Is something wrong?"

"No" He slowly looks down at the floor.

"Are you sure? You have been acting weird lately." I go and sit by Sara. Only if she was awake right now. What would she do? What would she say?

"I think I am gonna go back to my house." He gets up and starts walking away.

"Dale, there is something wrong and I know it. But if you want to go back home, that is fine with me. See you around sometime later."

Dale doesn't look back, he just walks out and leaves. I wonder what got him in that

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