15 Chapter 15: Beginning of the Pill
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Author :Vyolett
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15 Chapter 15: Beginning of the Pill

The Hunch back man took big breaths. "It will be better if we go back to your house first. It is more safe. And I am pretty sure Victoria wants to see you."

I nodded. "Yes. I have been so worried about these two. But I'm glade I found Sara. And thank you, I guess."

The Hunch Back Man smiled. "Your welcome." But then his smile faded away. "But unfortunately, this is a time to be serious. We need to get her back home quickly. She might heal faster in a place with clean oxygen and surroundings. This air is filthy, no one can even live here with out being infected by it's disgusting order and massive amounts of death."

"That's enough warning for me. And yes, we do need to get her out of here."

The Hunch back man stood up. "You sure you don't want help to help carry her?"

"I'm sure." I stand up with Sara in my arms. Her arms feel back and swung bellow her body.

But now my thoughts raided my brain. And I felt worse about my thoughts. Thinking that we can never find a way out of here.

But I had to keep trying. For Sara. For Victoria. For me. And for the future that these two amazing children.

And plus. I have come so far. I can't quit now.

I just needed to find way back home. And who know what would happen to me, or Sara, or even Victoria, If I don't find my way out of here.

The Hunch back starts leading me around th e building. I wonder how he knows this place so well. And how he knows the Shadow man, and everything else he knew so much about.

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"Just follow me and you will be out in a few minutes." He keeps walking.

But then I find it the perfect moment to ask. "Do you have a name?"

He stopped and looked at me. "Yeah, why?"

"Because I feel like I should know. What is it?"


"Oh, well, Dale, we should probably get going again. She needs that pill faster than lightning can strike."

He nodded his head and then kept on leading me through the building.

When we were back at the old kitchen, I knew we were almost out. I just couldn't wait to be home.

We went through the door, and soon the final hall way. And then there it was, the out side world. The sun made me squint my eyes just so I could see.

I felt relieved. I would never take any thing as simple as the Sun for granted, knowing that's its a gift that I am so glade to have back.

But this might not be the end of nightmare of the reality that I was loving right now.

But then I thought back to me amd Sara's last moment's together. I was yelling at her. Cursing, with rage and a red face.

But I need this. I need her to wake up. For everything.

I just have to hope and pray.

When we made it back to the house, Victoria came running to me for a hug. But once she saw Sara in my arms, she hugged my legs, and then showed me what she jas done with the house.

She cleaned up the broken glass. And she did all the chores that she could reach and do.

But then it was time to get this pill started.

I lay Sara on the couch, and even then, I prayed for her.

Dale came around, and he looked down at her lifeless body. "It's time"

I nodded.

"But I have to be in the room alone."

I looked at Victoria. She knew what that meant, and she Immediately followed me out the room.

We waited for a while, until the whole house started shaking. The cracks of the door started to spill out this light blue color of light.

The the door started cracking. And Victoria ran behind my legs for cover.

And then all of a sudden, everything stopped. My heart sank in.

Dale starts wobbling out of the room after he opened the door. "It's done. Now you have to wait the given time. It could be a few months or just one. But you have to be with her at all times. Because she might stop breathing, and you need to put on this thing, to help her breathe, but you can't have it on her the whole time you have to wait, because it will put to much air in her if she is breathing already, and her lungs-"

"That's all i need to hear. Thank you." I looked away.

"But you need to be very cautious."

"I will."

"You promise?"

"Yes. Now let me go see me daughter."

"Ok. Well, it looks like you dont need me amy more. So I will go, back to my house."

"Ok, well you can visit any time you want. But you just got to know. When you are around my daughter, there is no fuckin' around."

"Got it." Dale was on his way to leave. He opened my front door, and left.

I ran in the room to be with my dear Sara. I just hope she would recover quickly. But I just want to say sorry for all the troubles I put her her through.

Victoria comes in the room and sits next to me. "Just watch out mommy. You don't want her to die."

"She's not going to die."

But I spoke to soon. Sara stopped breathing.
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