14 Chapter 14: The Rescue
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Author :Vyolett
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14 Chapter 14: The Rescue

I reach out the open the door. But when the handle shakes harder as my hand gets closer, I feel anxious and back my hand away.

"You need to get her out of there before he eats her soul. After that there is no way you can get your real daughter back." The Hunchback back man opens the door quickly, and what was behind the door made me scream.

I stand there looking at the room. Chalk walls and dirty white wall paper, cement floor. There was roaches crawling every where.

And there standing in the room was The Shadow man holding my dear Sara in his nasty arms.

The Hunched back man started backing away and leaving the room. He knew what was finna happen.

The Shadow Man was getting ready to eat Sara's soul.

He opened his mouth farther out than any other human can. His teeth was sharp, with rows and rows of them. His eyes seeped down and disappeared. And skin cover the spaces where his eyes used to be.

And then he started at her head. Slowly fitting it in his mouth. Going deeper and deeper.

I stood there in shock. Not knowing what to do. Just watching him slowly devour her.

He was now at her shoulders.

But then it hit me. I packed a few guns with me just in case I needed it. I took it out thanking myself for always being prepared.

I pull out a shot gun. This will definitely do the job.

By now he was at her shoulders. And he was going so fast that i had to act quickly. Or Els I would loose my little Sara forever.

Boom!! I shot at his head. Nearly making it, the bullet just skimmed the top. Leaving some skin to be ripped up.

But then I shoot again. But I was even farther. But I had to be careful for where i shot because i did not want to hit Sara. Or Els my whole rescue plan would Have been a waste, and I would loose her forever.

But I shoot again, hopefully not missing it this time. But again, third times the charm.

Boom!! Right in the side of his head.

He stopped eating Sara, but when he stopped he was at her ankles. But good thing I got him before it was too late.

He fell over. And I run towards him. Now I needed to get Sara out.

Pulling and ripping of his skin. But Who said this would be the last of him.

When Sara was half way out, The hunch back man came peeping around the corner. Hiding at first, but when he saw the Shawdow man down with his blown out brains, he finally came inside the room.

"I didn't think you were able to do it."

"Well, that little shit head was getting on my last nerve." I kept on pulling and tugging.

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"Do you need any help?"

"What does it look like? I can get her out on my own. I mean, you didn't want to stay around when I got him down. Or when I even shot him the first time."

"Oh, I just wanted to know."

"Dont be all nice. You don't give a fuck about me or Sarah. So why are you still here?" Sara was almost out. But her head was still in. But of she stayed in there any longer she would suffocate. Because she was getting no air in there.

"But you don't know that for sure."

I laughed. "There is no way in hell that someone can be this nice in a situation like this. I'm not a dumb ass."

Sara was finally out. She had cuts and blood and mucus all over her body.

The hunched back man came over next to me. "If you want I can help you carry her back to your house."

I look at him. "I don't need your help." I squint my eyes and stand up. I hold her in my arms. She lay in my arms.

"You know other can help other people. But if you don't want to take it that's fine."

He looks down. "But she looks badly hurt. If you would let me help I can heal her."

"If you are finna do some Disney shit on my daughter, that's not happening."

"Its the only way you can get her back. He was too far down on her soul that her soul was almost taken away. She is in a coma right now. And she is badly wounded. But if you let me heal her, she will be a wake, and grow up like the little she is. Its the only thing, and the least I could do."

I looked at him, tears on my face. "Ok"

He nodded his head. "You have made the right choice."

I nodded to him too. "Please, be quick."

"Yes. This will only take a few minutes. But my power os like a pill. Its needs some time to actually react. But it only take a few seconds to get the pill's antidote inside her."

"How long will it take to react?"

"A month." He looked back up at me. "At the least."

"And the most is?"

"Never. It might not even work. But the only thing we can do is hope and pray."

I cried, While holding Sara in my arms. I might never be able to see Sara ever again. And my heart just may be Shattered forever.
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