13 Chapter 13: Found
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Author :Vyolett
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13 Chapter 13: Found

He pulled me up. A short man. An eye missing. I recognized him.

I thought back to that night. That insane man who warned me he was coming. The man with the hunched back.

He turned around and started leading me around. "I know where your daughter is. Just don't make any noises when you see her."
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I nodded. A tear slipped down my red cheek. I have been through so much already. And if I had to go through another day in hell, then I will try even harder. I want me and my daughter to have a good life.

I worried about Victoria. She was left alone at the house. Was she seeing the Shadow Man? Has she been eating? Is she still alive? But My main focus was Sara.

I asked my self the same questions for Sara. Was she seeing the Shadow Man? Has she been eating? Is she still alive? All I know is I need to find her, for whatever it takes.

The hunched back man strated to lead through the halls and took me through doors. We were quiet and at times we were still. Listening for the Shadow Man. As we walled through i heard cries and screams for help. The thoughts of what happened to them. Or what was happening. Shivers crawled slowly down my back and through my spine.

But I brushed the thoughts away from my mind and kept walking. Faster than ever. I followed the hunched back man along the halls. But he was walking in a running pace.

I hurried after him, but he was too fast. I had to run along. Finally I caught up to him.

And then he stopped at door and started to shiver. As he pointed to the door he said, "She's in there."

The door handle startled to rattle.

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