12 Chapter 12: Loose Chains
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Author :Vyolett
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12 Chapter 12: Loose Chains

I thought quick. We are gonna die if he comes I this room. But then I remembered that brick I saw. I felt around for it. It was cold, until I touched it, and my hands froze. I grabbed it and felt for the chain. Once I felt it, I smash the brick again it. Since everything was frozen, the chains were easier to break. I broken the part were I was connected to the wall. Then I broken the shackles, and she shiverd in the corner.

"Its time to go." I took her hand and led her out the room. We ran and ran. We did not stop. Until we saw the big guy himself.

Victoria screamed. And we ran some more. But she was slowing me down. I picked her up and I ran even faster.

I saw the spot where I came in, and I ran out side. The big guys screams, were gone. I looked behind me, out of breath, and the tunnel was gone. Like it was never there.

I set Victoria down. She feel down in the warm grass. There were so many bruises on her body it made me cry.

"We have to go home." I look at the sun. I squint, but I was never more happy to see its light.

She did not respond. So I picked her up and walked her home. She squirmed. I looked back at her.

Frightened at what I saw. I dropped her.

Her eyes glowed yellow, but the skin surrounding was black. Her grey skin with black veins. Her mouth was sown together. Her hair In short black pigtails, her grey dress, and her hair made a very dark shadow on her face.

She tilted her head. "What's wrong mommy? I thought we were going home." Her voice was deep and died with base. She was talking to me like a baby. Like you were talking to a very cute pet, in that tone that's supposed to make them love you. Make them convinced on something that I could not grip my hands on.

But I starting to rethink reality. I knew it was to easy. To good to be true.

She stares at me, then charges. But I sank in the earth, being pulled, dragged, like I was being forced into hell. And I was in that dark room.

A dream. More like a nightmare. It wasn't real. That son of a bitch. I lay down. What if she's dead? And her screams where my imagination?

But then he door opened. The lights blinded me. A dark hand came out. They wanted me to take it.

"I will help you live." The voice called. "You have to hurry, he's coming."
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I take this man's hand, not know what will happen. But I hope for the best.
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