11 Chapter 11: Dead Ends
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Author :Vyolett
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11 Chapter 11: Dead Ends

His grunts were getting louder. His feet scraping the ground.

I put my hands on my stomach, I still needed to vomit. But my body was teasing me.

I had to hid. Or else I would be dead. I got to the closest room. But it led to nowhere. A brick wall lay behind. I had to find another way.

My heart pounded. My body shakes. My teeth chatted. And my sweat came about quickly. Step after step. I make it to another room.

I make it in. There were so many hiding places. Under a bed, in a closet, in a cupboard. I pick in the closet. It had the most space.

I open the closet door, and two dead bodies fall out. I scream to my self, and I look in the cupboard. But a dead body was also shoved in there. So I go under the bed, it was empty. But it was not the cleanest. But it was my only choice.

The big guy comes in the room. His laugh played in my head. But i soon found out that those laughs were from real time.

There was not a lot of wiggle room. So if I moved, I could be easily spotted.

I feel like he could feel and hear my heart beat.

I just wanted this hell to end. But then I thought to myself. There must be more people here then just those two guys. Well, only the big guy now.

The big guy bends down, and he stares into my eyes. He laughed that same evil laughter and grabbed me by the arm.

I was yanked out, and he huffed his scorching breath on me.


I try to wiggle out, but I was stiff from the shock. I screamed for my life, and I immediately thought of that one man's screams. I cried. I could have saved him. He would've been able to help the both of us find my daughter and escape.

He dragged me through the building. But my daughters screams got louder. And louder. And louder. Until they stopped.

The big guy opened a door, and shoved me in the room. He closed the door behind him, and walked away. Leaving those laughs to haunt me.

I look around, the room was pitch black. But I heard breathing. I scared me.

"Hello? Is anybody there?" I feel around.

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"Victoria?" I sobbed out her name, like I never seen her in years.

"Mommy! The Shadow Man trapped me in here!" I heard bulky chains move around.

"Don't worry. Mommy's gonna get you out of here." I feel around on the walls. "Do you know of there is a light switch in here?"

"Yeah, it's near the door."

The door was slightly above the ground, and the light from the halls slipped through. I feel around the door and I find the switch. The noise it made when it flipped calmed me.

The bright lights, brighter than the rest blinded me. The room was empty. But just a firm brick lay. But then I saw her timey face. Her pale skin, but the terrifying look on her face. Her eyes were red from crying and screaming so much. And the blue and purple bruises on her skin made my soul shatter.

"What did they do to you?"

Her hands behind her back, she was chained to the wall. And the chains were big and thick. She looked away. "They beat me."

"Vick, got to get you home."

I heard foot steps. The big guy was coming back. I turned off the light. I played like I was passed out on the floor.

"Don't make any noise." I shaked.

The big guy did his great laugh. "No....More....Survivors."
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