10 Chapter 10: The Man
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Author :Vyolett
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10 Chapter 10: The Man

The kitchen was dark, and the lights flickered. The simplest things can get me scared, but the screams got more unsettling. The kitchen was filled with metal tables, and on the tables was blood. Medical scissors lay gently on the table. It was freezing, and when I breathed in and out, my hot breath made a fog. On the other side of the room was another giant metal door. And behind it was maybe the source of the screams.

My hands were not still and my eyes began to burn. My hands touch the freezing cold door knob. It felt like ice that has been frozen for years. Completely opaque. But I grip on, and the cold made the door harder to open. But I managed. And inside was a table, and on the table was a strapped man. He was strapped to a metal table, and he looked like he has seen better days. One eye was gone, but the skin heals it's way back, some fingers were gone, and his mouth sown shut. The room looked the same as the last. And another door awaited on the other side of the room. He shook and struggled to get out of the straps from the table. And then he saw me.

"You. You there. You have to help me. I-I-I have a family back home. Yeah Yeah. Just get me away from this place. He is coming back. He always does. Please you got to help me. You have to help me-"

There was banging on the door.

Scared, I looked panicked.

"Its him. YOU HAVE TO HELP ME, PLEASE, I DON'T WANT TO DIE." He began shaking in panic.

I stepped away and shook my head. I did not want to wait till "he" came through the door. I hid under the guys table when he was not looking. And I was quiet. But he seemed not to like that, seemed to think I ran away and hid. But I kinda did do that.


The door came open, and a very giant, abomination came through. He laughed, he was human, but he looked like the guy on the table. But he was bigger, not fatter, but more masculine. And yes, he was a fright.

The man panicked. "No. No. Please. Y-You got the wrong person. I did not murder your wife. She killed her self. I swear. Please."

But the big guy did not care what the dude did. Or should I say, didn't do. But he yanked him away from the straps. Leaving the torn straps to whiplash down to me.

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"Please. You can't do this. please."

The big guy grunts. The man yells as the big guy tears of the guys limbs. Tearing it away piece by piece. His screams fill my head. Haunting me. The big guy walks out. So I get from under the table to see blood every where. His pieces on the ground. I threw up my last meal, and threw up some more. I walk out through the door on the other side of the room. And carried along. And then I hear grunts.

The big guy was coming back.

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