8 Chapter Eight: Broken Glass
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Author :Vyolett
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8 Chapter Eight: Broken Glass

When it was morning, I was still in my same little spot where I had been last night. I looked out the window and saw that the sun had already risen. My heart was just added to the collection of broken things.

My hands clenched into fists. In and out. But the feeling, I just lost my pride and joy. I will never know how to get her back. But I have to try.
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Victoria walks out sleepily from my bed room as she rubes her eyes. She yawned, looks at me, then plops down to the floor. "I thought you would be there in bed with me when I woke up."

I look at her. " Last night you said Sara could still be in the house. Do you have more comment on that?"

"He said that if either of us said anything about him again, he would take one of us. He never said where."

"Oh God. Why me?" I rub my eyes. The burning pain in them ached, and my head throbbed with weakness. How could I go on?

Victoria shifted her body the way she felt fit, and then she looked out the window. "It's day, which means there is light, and that means it might be easier to find Sara."

"Where do you think the Shadow Man took Sara?"

"He gave us a hint, he said he would take us to the col-" Victoria was interrupted by a loud clash.

"What the hell was that?" I get up and follow the sound of where the noise was, and in the family room, the picture of my now broken picture of Sara and Victoria. And beside it lay a message.

"Dear Sara and Victoria,

If your reading this, I'm going to try and meet you two this weekend. Don't tell your mother. I want it to be a, surprise. Do you like surprise? I do. And I want to surprise you two with gifts of your own. But again, don't tell mommy, because I have a surprise for her too.



I look at the message in shock. My Ex-husband was going to meet my daughter's in secret.

Victoria comes running in the room. She stood there at the corner, one hand on the outstretched corner of the wall, body leaning out, just standing there. She went pale, like she was in trouble. "You weren't supposed to find that." She runs up and takes the note out of my hands.

"Your father is coming to my house, and you did not tell me anything about it? How could you do that. You know that that he was never a good example for you or me. Never again. You shall stay in your room until I can find Sara. You understand me?"

"But I can't. I don't want to. I want to see him. And I'm not letting you find Sara with our me!" She sobbed. Which that made me feel guilty. Why would I do that?

"I'm sorry baby." I give Victoria a big hug.

She rejected, and then just walked off.

After that, I decided to clean up all this broken glass.

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