7 Chapter Seven: Stollen
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Author :Vyolett
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7 Chapter Seven: Stollen

I wake up the next morning to Sara singing Peppa Pig once more. She seemed to completely forget about the night before. But that seemed to give me less stress.

Victoria comes running out and crying out for help.

"What's wrong Victoria?"

"I saw him! The Shadow Man! He was running after me and he was calling my name, he was really scary and tall with a long face!"

"Would you stop talking about the Shawdow Man! He is the only thing you two can not understand how to stop talking about! Its driving me crazy! You wake up scared all the damn time about this bitch ass Shawdow Man! Its like I am living in hell! I don't want to hear either of you talking shit of the Shawdow Man!"

They both stare at me.

My face was red with rage and I was going to punch something if I could, but I did not want to scare the girls.

Sara looked off and powered down the TV. It made the room more awkward. Not that I did not mind it, it just made things better.

By time it was night, I fell asleep way easier than the last time.

Sara fell asleep first, then Victoria, then me. I wonder why I am was always the onse to fall asleep last. Not that it was big problem.

I had a dream where cats and dogs were the only living thing left on earth, then the Shawdow Man ate them all. It made me shiver, and I woke up to screaming.

Sara was gone.

I went looking for her by following her screams, but soon they went away, and i lost her.

I collapsed to the ground, and I started crying. I was balling my eyes out.

Victoria came walking sleepily to me, then sat next to me. "What happened? Wheres Sara?"

"He took her."

Victoria looked at me like I was bluffing. "He can't take her out the house. She has to be in here somewhere."

"How do you know that?"

"Sara told me the Shawdow Man told her that."

"I should have done something about it before it was too late. It was all my fault. I'm a mother who sits on her ass and let's bad things happen. It was me who caused all of this."

Victoria sighed. "Its not always your fault you know."

"Yes it is Vicky. Who's els is it?"

"The Shawdow Man's fault."

I sighed. "Ok. Maybe your right. But that does not speak for all the other things that have had happened. What about that?"

Victoria sat there. She walked off, leaving me alone.
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