6 Chapter Six: Him
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Author :Vyolett
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6 Chapter Six: Him

When Sara woke up, she shook me awake. I was wide eyed and confused because she was crying. I tear feel down her cheek and she shiverd with fear.

"What's the problem Sara?"

She gulped, looked away, then looked back at me as if she felt like she was being watched. "The Shawdow Man came into the room and whispered in my ear, I'm here already, and it made me scream awake, and then you asked me what was wrong, I brushed it off because I did not want to bother you, or make you worry. But this dream I had, I was in a dark room and this little girl came up to me and opened her mouth and the Shawdow Man came out and came to me, he said run and so I did, but he was faster than me, he grabbed me up and squeezed me, I could feel the pain. I did not want to wake you up, but I guess my body said i should." Sara sighed.

I hugged Sara. "Everything is going to be ok."

Sara shook her head.

When Victoria came out, we all ate breakfast. Sara was still historical and Victoria was doing just fine. But it seemed to me that I was the problem in the first place. Was I the one that brought the Shawdow Man home with me? Or is it really just following Sara and Victoria? It has to have come from some where. I bet it came from me first and then was passed on to Sara and Victoria.

We all had a whole day ahead of us, and when we went out to a restaurant called Hong Kong, we ate out and then came home after that, then it was bed time. The part of the day I feared. And the worst part of the day that Sara feared.

I walked them both to my bedroom and tucked them in. I kissed their fore heads as to saying good night. I said good night in the end but... you know.... Sara was on the left, I was in the middle, and Victoria was on the right.

Hugging Sara the most, Sara was shivering with fear.

I hugged her again letting her know that she is safe. She nods and finally goes to sleep.

I was left alone at night. For some reason I could not go to bed. I was not sleepy or tierd. I was wide awake for some odd reason. To lazy to think about why I was so tired, I close my eyes and attempt it once more.

Thirty minutes of trying to sleep, I open my eyes.

Wide eyed, I stared at it. The Shadow Man was right in front of me. I hug Sara tightly. She shiverd with fear even though she was asleep. It was like she saw what was going on inside her dream.

I hugged Sara even tighter once the Shawdow Man took one step. Sara woke up screaming, then she saw it too. She screamed even longer, and that woke up Victoria. Victoria started screaming, and then Shadow Man ran away. He ran away like the screaming scared him away, or it hurt his ears. But now I know his weakness, and me, Sara, and Victoria can all use it against him.
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