5 Chapter Five: Whispers
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Author :Vyolett
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5 Chapter Five: Whispers

Later that day Victoria goes to her friends house for a sleep over. That left me and Sara alone.

I sit on the couch, and Sara came to sit next to me.

She huffed and finally looked up at me. "I want to know why you don't believe me."

I shook my head. "You don't get it do you? I tried to tell you that the shadow man is not real. You just tell yourself to believe it."

Sara shook her head this time. "I know what I saw. And I know what I hear." She looked down. "Last night I heard scraping noises, and foot steps. I thought he was coming to get me. But then it stopped, and I was able to sleep."

"There was no noises last night. Your mind was playing tricks on you."

"Well those tricks seemed pretty real to me."

I sighed.

Sara looked back up at me, then yawned. "Maybe if you stop acting like it is not real and do something about it. If you don't do anything the problem with never get solved."

I replayed the words Sara said in my head. Maybe she was right. I shifted in my seat. "I heard the noises last night too."

Sara looked up. She did not say anything. Maybe she was wowed by the fact that I knew the whole time.

Sara started shifting in her seat to. "I heard it say something last night as well. It said it did not like you, and that he did not want you hear. I think we need to do what that one man said and get out of here."

I shook my head. "We don't have the money Sara."

Sara huffed.

I looked at Sara sitting on the couch just breathless. Only if she knew that I wanted to leave this place too. It's just that money is always a problem.

"Can't we ask our family for help."

"We don't really have any."


I looked down at the coffee table, and realized scratch marks on them. I got up, now scared.

Once Sara saw it, she got up too. Scared, she shivered in the corner.

"We have to get Victoria home mommy. She won't be safe at her friends house. It will follow us where ever we go."

I nodded.

Once we got Victoria home, I assured them that everything was ok. But of course, Sara thought other wise.

"Sara why do have to be so negative?"

Sara shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know."

"Maybe if you would be positive once in a while you wouldn't be so sad all the time!"

Sara shook her head. "Ok."

Once night time came, Sara and Victoria was in my bed like always. I got comfy once more, and feel asleep.

I wake up at 3 AM again, and hear whispering. I brush it off, but it became louder. I was not able to under stand it at first, but now I knew what it was saying.

'Get out of here. You should leave before he gets to you. He is already here. You are running out of time.'

I tried to brush it off again, but it would not let me sleep. It got louder by the second.

Sara wakes up in a panic. She screams at the top of lungs, then falls back.

I quickly shake Sara awake, and she rubs her eyes. "What happened?"

"You just screamed. What happened to you?"

"I don't remember screaming."

I lay back. "Don't worry about it Sara. Just go back to bed." I fall asleep along with Sara, and don't wake up until morning.
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