4 Chapter Four: The Shawdow Man
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Author :Vyolett
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4 Chapter Four: The Shawdow Man

I walk in the bathroom and see Sara in the corner, scared for her life.

"What happened?"

"Its here. I saw it. He's back. But he is more bad than his really was. Hr said it himself. I dont like him. I want to go back home mommy."

I sit next to Sara and look at her. "What have I told you?"

She looked down. "That shadow man isn't real."

"Yes. Then why are scared of he is not real?"

"He us real I saw him with my two little eyes, he is tall and he has white long sharp teeth, and he know my name! He calls for me and sometimes he makes say things and do things that I would never want to do! He controls me! He even talks to-"

"That's enough Sara! Go to your room!"


"No buts. You are gonna do what I say when I say it."

Sara started crying. "I don't want to be alone with the shadow man. He says he lives in my closet."

"Fine. Then go out in the time out corner."

Sara ran into the corner and started crying even louder. Victoria came into the room to see what happened with me and Sara, but mainly what happened with Sara.

I sighed. Sara was honestly scaring me. She did and said things that sometimes I felt happened to. But I never saw the shadow man before. I just heard her stories and made a picture in my head of what he would have looked like.

I just needed a break for a long while.

By time it was time for bed, Sara and Victoria already got comfy in mine. I was fine with it, for now.

In the middle of the night I wake up to scratching noises. I look at my clock which says 3 AM. I hear a bang here and there, then I hear foot steps. Scared, I try to go back to bed, in which failed. Finally, the noises stop, an I feel asleep.

When I wake up, Sara was scared for her life, again. She pointed to nothing, but I ease her back to reality, and she seems fine now, but that does mean what happened last night was not real.
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